Sunday, October 12, 2008

Welcome to the Green Phone Booth

Sometimes, something happens. Something crops up. A problem. An issue. Something to be reckoned with. Or celebrated.

Sometimes, an average mom cannot just be an average mom. Sometimes, she needs a place to don her cape.

The Green Phone Booth is where that happens.

Below are the average moms who morph into superheroes in the Green Phone Booth. Dial in daily to read about our adventures.

The Purloined Letter

The Purloined Letter, aka Hannah, grew up in small-town North Carolina. On many weekends, her family drove through fertile farmland to coastal South Carolina where both of her grandmothers lived. These two women taught her the power of what we make ourselves. From one grandmother she learned to be completely obsessed with both knitting and organic vegetable gardening. Her other grandmother taught her about being a homebirthing, breastfeeding, and co-sleeping parent. Both showed her the value of family connection--and especially how to maintain that connection through food. The lesson shows very well on her hips.

Hannah's parents are two born-and-bred white southerners who morphed into liberals during the Civil Rights Movement. They raised her to value equality and justice. They also showed her how that fight for justice can be carried out using a typewriter and an academic podium. Their models led her to a career as a professional historian and writer.

Now living in Takoma Park, MD, Hannah shares her green adventure with David (her partner of sixteen years) and their 9yo son. You'll be hearing a lot more about both of them in upcoming posts.

Hannah's love of the homemade, her belief in the possibility for peace, and her desire for justice combine with her deep-seated fears about climate change and peak energy to make her want to contribute to a better world. She believes that the crisis we are facing presents us with the opportunity to forge deeper connections with our families, friends, and communities. She is thrilled to join these other wonderful women in the Green Phone Booth.


MamaBird, aka Jess, grew up in the 70s west of Boston wishing she could swim in the algae-covered pond by her house (green slime? courtesy of runoff from the local golf course). Her parents, a former boxer who hand-dug dandelions rather than use lawn chemicals, and a California expat who grew her own basil and tomatoes so we could have fresh pesto on our beefsteaks (in an era of jell-o molds and bland macaroni salad), taught her that what we put into our bodies and our environment matters.

"The conversations I have with people online resonate with issues that matter to me: knowing the safety and health ramifications of the food we eat and the products we use (which so often is like an alter-conversation found nowhere on the packaging). Like most of the people in my life, I've long recycled and read labels. But having kids inspired me to try to step it up a notch, first and foremost with regard to toxins, health, and safety. My recent focus has been channeling my Depression-era grandmothers as I try to become a better steward of the earth."

MamaBird lives in a walkable neighborhood in Washington, DC., with her two kids, loving husband, and family dog. They all wish they could swim in the Potomac.

Green Bean

Green Bean, also known as Michelle, is a California native. As a child, she regularly tortured her family with complaints over weeding, gardening of any sort, or cooking. In her teen years, she further tormented them with gifts of reusable razors and acres of rain forest. As she grew, she made many forays into local supermarkets to plaster tuna cans with Dolphin Free stickers, wrote a number of letters to various sitting Presidents and longed to make a career of protecting the environment.

Somewhere along the way, life intervened. She lost her way . . . and a lot of sleep. Then, as her babies grew into young boys, she sought to educate them about the importance of caring for our planet. And realized that she had not been doing that important job for a number of years.

After spending weeks either glued to her keyboard or frantically gardening, composting or biking, she began chronicling her green endeavors in a blog and found the outlet she'd been looking for.

She lives in Silicon Valley with her husband and two energetic sons. Here, she eats local thanks to a front yard garden (she now weeds with virtually no complaints) and year round farmers' markets. She advocates for green initiatives within her city and son's school and works to develop a social network with other green moms on the San Francisco Peninsula.


Burbanmom, AKA Erin, is a thirty-something seamstress, originally from East Bejeesus in Cow Country, New York but now residing in Suburbialand, Virginia. Always an avid recycler and good steward-of-the-earth, Erin turned pseudo-psycho environmentalist in June 2007, after reading about the Pacific Garbage Patch, the Citarum River and the albatross necropsy at Kure atoll.

She started her own eco-blog as a way to keep herself accountable to friends and family as she vowed to make one change every day towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Using this simple formula, she managed to reduce her electrical, water, gasoline consumption to between 12-17% of the average American and reduced her family's trash output to one bag per week. She has also become a "locavore", sourcing as much food as possible from within a 150-mile radius of her home.

Erin is excited to be a part of such a great team of superheroes at the Green Phone Booth and hopes the cape won't make her ass look big. She lives with her loving, albeit oft-perplexed, husband of ten years, Patrick, her two budding Planeteers Ethan (5) and Daphne (3) and Oreo, the 108 pound lap-dog.


ruchi aka arduous said...

Hey, very cool!! I look forward to reading more. :)

greeen sheeep said...

You gals are all an inspiration. I am looking forward to some serious eco butt kicking from the Fantastic Four!

LemonCadet said...

I'm excited about this new project and have already added it to my google reader!

Billie said...

I guess I need to rethink that I can't do much in my maddened world of work and kids in the middle of urban Northern Virginia.

Maybe I can if I can just find the time.

leslie said...

Well, How-dee Wonder Wimin.
The entire time that I was reading your presto chango bios,I had the 50's tune from the Superman series going off in my head.
Good things will come from this blog!!!
Now I'm humming the Lone Ranger, William Tell Overature...

See, you're already having a effect...

Gray Matters said...

Yeah! This is awesome - can't wait to read more and continue learning from you all.

Green Resolutions said...

You guys are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Ha! This is awesome.

I'll bet there are a lot more of us than we suspect.


Lynn from said...

Congrats on your new venture but I'll miss your individual blogs! So a mixed blessing, I guess!

fullfreezer said...

Hooray for supermoms! Watch out for the new Fantastic 4. I look forward to this. J

Deb G said...

What a great way of approaching this! I'll be back. :)

Kellie said...

Loving the new blog girlies! All my fave super heroes in one place...finally.

Chile said...

Question for ya'll: where can we find powerful enough solar batteries to shine the big green spotlight into the night for our new superheroes?

Susannah said...

I love reading about how our grandmothers did things -- can we get a whole series on that?

Green Bean said...

Arduous: How fitting! Our first caller. Of course, the time difference works in your favor!

Greeen Sheeep: Oh man! Fantastic Four. That rocks. Wish I'd have thought of that . . . and I'll gratefully steal it. ;-)

Lemoncadet: Thank you! So glad you'll be a regular caller.

Billie: It is a constant struggle, I believe, for balance. For doing, raising kids, writing, thinking, heck - even cleaning the house. Hang in there.

Leslie: Hum no more! Sing it aloud. Love it.

Gray Matters: I'm so glad you called over here.

Fake Plastique Fish: We do keep our identities quiet, don't we?

Lynn: I'm glad you're joining us.

Fullfreezer: Again! I wish we'd come up with the Fantastic Four. :)

Deb B: Thank you. I am excited about this blog. A mini built in community.

Kellie: Yeah! Thank you. Glad to oblige.

Chile: Hmmm. My solar battery charger ain't working so well these days. We'll have to put our green thinking caps on. Thanks for dialing in.

Susannah: Awesome idea. We'll have to do that.

kale for sale said...

I never found the time to read all of you and didn't know what I was missing. I'm so excited you've joined forces!


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