Thursday, November 13, 2008

Awards: Getting One, Giving One

It's a great honor to receive this Uber Amazing Blog Award from Melinda at One Green Generation -- we all so admire her work and that of the simple / green /frugal writers' cooperative (her second home - check both of them out).

Without further ado, the assorted members of the Green Phone Booth would like to present our award (it's a pass-on-the-love kind of thing) to Jennifer Taggart at The Smart Mama. Aside from testing Jess' toys for toxins with her xrf gun and being generally witty and inspired, Jennifer uses her science and lawyering backgrounds to pass on unparalleled info about easily avoidable health hazards. Her long term dream is to provide that information to low income women so they, too, can have the liberty to keep their children safe and healthy. Sounds like a shero to me!

Check out The Smart Mama's lowdown on avoiding vinyl aka PVC, her guide to avoiding bisphenol-A BPA in infant formula, and minimizing the risk from arsenic in pressure-treated wood structures like decks.


Jennifer Taggart said...

I'm so honored! And flattered. My first blog award.

Thank you so much. Although, I must really say that you all inspire me . . .


Green Bean said...

Many thanks to Melinda for the award and to Jennifer the awardee for all the great info you pass along.

greeen sheeep said...

Thank you Melinda for this award and
Jennifer you are very deserving to receive it next.

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