Monday, November 10, 2008

The Perfect Cheer!

A moment of clarity from the Burb-brain...

November's been an interesting month so far, eh? All this excitement really makes the time fly! Thanksgiving's coming up faster than a rolling "O", and yet - if you're like me - you're thinking you've still got oodles of time to worry about Christmas presents. It's fun to self-delude, isn't it?

Of course, you don't have tons of time - you just feel that way because Thanksgiving is late this year. Like, really, really, super-duper late. In fact, by the time Turkey Day is over, you'll only have 27 days to git 'er done. Twenty-seven. Oy. Even Santa's elves are twitchin'.

Well never fear, once again Burbanmom's gotcha covered! I have discovered The Perfect Gift for folks of all ages. Well, almost all ages. Those moody teenagers are never happy with anything but cold, hard cash or iTunes. Which, is actually even easier than The Perfect Gift so just get them what they want so they can go back to sulking in their room.

But for everyone else on your list? The Perfect Gift is (drumroll, please)... A Museum Membership

Yes, I know, [Burbanmom = (√ DORK)*(Σ NERD, GEEK)+3]

Seriously, though, this really is a cool present, even for the not-so-nerdy ones. The Association of Science-Technology Centers has a magnificent Passport Program that includes over 290 participating science centers throughout the world that you can visit with one single membership.

And who doesn't love a science museum? Traveling exhibitions, lecture series, model train shows, iMax theatres, planetariums, interactive exhibits... so much good stuff to be found at the science museum and almost every major city has one.

Moms love them because it gives them something to do with the kids that doesn't involve messing up the house. Grandparents love them for the same reason. And kids love them because they don't get yelled at for messing up the house. Win-Win-Win.

And single ladies? They love them because the museum is a great place to meet smart guys. And dumb guys? They love them because it makes the ladies think they're smart.

I'm tellin' ya, this gift has got you covered!

And what makes the membership great is that it provides a whole year's worth of entertainment on just one teeny-tiny card. The recipient can go to the museum as often as they want and can visit the other participating science centers when they travel - all for free - simply wave your magic membership card at the ticket counter!

Ok, want to know what really makes this such a great gift? The price. If you've got lots folks to buy for, you can purchase premium level memberships for as low as $200* which will give you memberships for a dozen recipients! How can you go wrong? You're supporting a great cause, spending your money locally, providing an educational (but far from boring) gift and using minimal resources. Best of all? NO LEAD-COVERED PLASTICRAP!

So if you're looking for The Perfect Gift, look no further. Simply check this list for the museum nearest you and then hit their website for current membership info. Bada-bing, Bada-boom!

*Costs may vary depending on the museum where you purchase your membership. I was far too lazy to look up other museums and am hoping to high heaven that the Richmond museum's pricing is comparable to those near you. Most likely, I will be wrong. Because Burbanmom also = [price check FAIL].

Oh, and PS? If you're my husband, please note that we already have these passes, in which case you should get me The Perfect Gift II.


organicneedle said...

That is a great idea. We have the National Science Center Membership and use it all the time, even on vacations. Zoo memberships are also a great gift for anyone with wee ones. We use ours at least 2 or 3 times a month.

Theresa said...

I've given library memberships to nieces and nephews as well, which come with monthly trips to the library with Auntie Theresa of course :)

Jenni at My Web of Life said...

This is a fantastic idea! In fact, this is what we asked our kids' grandparents to get them last year and they LOVED it! My in-laws have a tendency to go overboard with the toys, so this helped give our already toy-cluttered home a welcome break. Thanks for sharing this idea!

JessTrev said...

LOVE this idea. I personally want the gift behind door #2, but hey, as a wise houseguest once said as he reached for a sponge: "The ladies? They love a counter swipe."

Robj98168 said...

Dear [Burbanmom = (√ DORK)*(Σ NERD, GEEK)+3]: A museum membership is a great idea- Out here we have the museum of flight, WHich I use to belong to; They have a great deal of changing exhibitions, an SST, a former Air Force One and lots of cool flying thingys. But also cool are memberships to Zoo's,and aquariums. Of course I think renewing or starting memberships for online subscriptions to pay websites is cool. As well as Gym memberships!Cool Cool Cool

Green Bean said...

Nice one! I think these kinds of gifts rock. Especially when they are accompanied by a trip with an aunt, grandparent or something. E.g., free time for mommy!

And, btw, I like The Perfect Gift II even better. Hope I get that one for Xmas.

BethBot said...

I enjoy reading your blog and linked to it in a game of blogger tag! Check it out at:

Melinda said...

That is a great gift! I've given it once before, and it was loved by a whole family. This year, times are a little tougher economically and we may not give so much... I'm working on handmade presents. Well, I should say I'm working on thinking about handmade presents. -cough-

Well, I've given you all an award, to let you know that I love what you're doing here together. It's here.

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