Thursday, November 6, 2008

What Is That Strange Feeling?

Olive S. Oyl reeling with a strange new emotion...

Oh, yeah, it's hope and elation!

Thought you'd appreciate knowing that DC was "like July 4th but nuttier" according to a dear friend who was out and about catching the election vibe in the wee hours. Pundits were noting that we'll never forget where we were when this man was elected. I know that sixteen years ago, I was outside in the dark, looking up at a full moon with a bunch of my merry friends at the foot of the Supreme Court when we learned that Clinton had won in a landslide.

This time? I was at home all night watching over sleeping babes, scrubbing my floors and then methodically washing and line drying the rags as I waited for the returns toll in. Let's just say I was a little nervous. I swear I'm not usually Lady MacBeth. And then my cynical heart shattered into pieces. I am so grateful to both McCain and Obama for calling for healing and an end to partisanship. Classy fellows.

Like you, I am eagerly awaiting news of Obama's cabinet and hoping that massive deregulation efforts by our outgoing President are thwarted. And I couldn't be happier that my husband and I kidnapped our 5 year old from school so she could participate in the voting process to see this historic election! May our days to come be as aware and participatory as a nation.

Hope you've recovered from staying up all night and that you're daydreaming about what Obama should tackle first.


Maya said...

Starting to recover from the late night! I too, took my five year old to the polls with me; he loved it and I think it impresses on our children that voting is something important to our family.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

Just curious...Did you all tell your kids who you were voting for? Do you talk politics around/to them? My parents are dedicated liberals, but I didn't realize it until I was in college. I ended up having the same political views as them, but I have been grateful that they let me make up my own mind and didn't push me toward any certain point of view. My brother is also very liberal like me, but my two sisters are more moderate, maybe even conservative leaning.

On the other hand, I took my kids with me to an Obama rally (mostly so they could see James Taylor perform), and they sang "Go, Obama, go" for the weeks leading up to the election. Am I brainwashing them? Should I be more like my parents and let them make up their own minds?

kidletsmum said...

I thought the same thing too. There are a few moments in a lifetime that become memorable across nations and beyond... few moments that, though we weren't 'there' as such, we witnessed in a way...
For me, there have been four moments I will never forget:
1--at 15 years old, Bill Clinton was elected and I found out at my first rock concert (U2, Public Enemy, Sugar Cubes)in Vancouver.
2--Princess Diana dies in a tunnel in Paris-- I am home, looking after my brother and cousin, my grandma is in hospital, I'd just the day before been robbed at knifepoint, and the adults in our family are all out of town. Nothing seemed manageable then.
4--Barack Obama is the first black man to become President in the US. I watch his acceptance speech online the next morning from my living room in Turkey.

Things I will never forget.

Alline Anderson said...

Dear Superheroes,
Yes, what IS that strange feeling? And how wonderful to be weeping for joy while watching the election returns, instead of the misery felt the last two times 'round! McCain's concession speech was marvelous, and Jesse Jackson's tears in Grant Park... What will it be like having someone SMART, who understands the value of diplomacy, and who appreciates having a brilliant wife? Yay! Yes we can indeed!

Alfie said...

For me that strange feeling is the bittersweet irony of CA voting to remove marriage rights from gays on the same night everyone was championing how open minded our nation has become.

I suspect the increased AfAm (who tend to be less supportive of gay issues) turnout in CA along with all the Mormon cash was mostly to blame...

On a positive note, our County turned blue for the first time in the 3 presidential elections since we've lived here (thanks Ron Paul!) even though our state (MT) remained red.

Win some
Lose some

JessTrev said...

@maya yes, I read somewhere that seeing yr parents vote turns you into a lifelong voter

@erin aka conscshopp yes, we told our DD who we were voting for (she was a Hillary voter who grudgingly turned her support to her parents' choice after a time of grieving) - I understand the folks who keep mum so their kids can make up their own minds but we love talking through issues with our kid too much to hide our beliefs, plus I like to share my thinking with her

@kidletsmum I remember those moments too - 9/11 I was teaching a 9th grade English class and kept turning off the tv, thinking it was too horrible for my kids to be watching, then turning it back on as the principal ordered us all to show the coverage

@alfie I hear ya -- I wrote this post on election night, actually, before I knew the Prop 8 returns, and it's not just there in CA that gay rights were eroded. It may be small consolation, but a friend who worked on that same issue in 2000 says that it's *much* closer now (52-48 victory vs 60-40ish last time) *and* that those under 35 would not have passed it. So perhaps as time goes by we will have more hope of overturning/defeating such measures.

Nora Bee said...

Oh, I would have LOVED to be in DC that night. The nice thing about Seattle was that we didn't have to stay up all night.

I'm still processing. It is wonderful on so many levels, from almost every different angle.


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