Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Food Democracy

From the bean of Green Bean.

When I popped by one of my favorite bloggers yesterday, I was delighted to read more on my current favorite subject/obsession: who will be our next Secretary of Agriculture. If you've received an email from me in the past month, you know - by virtue of my eco-post script - that I'm gunning for Michael Pollan for that particular Cabinet position. Well, maybe not him actually but the idea of what he represents.

Turns out Michael Pollan and his buddies Alice Waters, Bill McKibben and Wendell Berry (along with a list of who's who in the sustainable food movement) have beaten me to the punch. Go figure. These local food giants have put together a compelling petition urging President-Elect Obama to take a bold step toward developing an agricultural system that preserves rural lands, operates in harmony with nature and improves our collective health and well being.

Please read and sign the petition and be heard on this critical issue.


Abbie said...

Thank you for continuing to advocate for this important issue.

CindyW said...

I saw Pollan on Bill Moyers' Journal last week. Every time I listen or see him, I just realize again and again how reasonable and convincing he is. When pressed by Moyers, he rejected the idea of becoming the Sec. of Ag. But hey, he did not reject the idea of being a key adviser. So perhaps he will play a role in the new administration. I am hopeful

kale for sale said...

I'm glad you posted this. Thank you.

I never thought of MP as an adviser. That's a great idea. But then again maybe he can operate more freely outside of the system than in it. Heck, either way is good. Before Michael Pollan I never thought about where my food came from.

leena! said...

Great post! Thanks for participating in Fresh voices for Fresh Choices!

EcoInsomniac said...

Thanks for posting this I hadn't even thought of this position. Thanks for making me more aware!

Dave said...

Thanks for the post... appreciate you getting the word out there! We all loved the poetry of this one...very clever

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