Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Milk and Cookies

From the bean of Green Bean.
December is cookie month, or so my scale tells me as after devouring several batches from recipes featured at Farmers' Daughters' Christmas Cookie Recipe Swap.

But what are cookies without milk?

Today is the deadline to submit comments for a proposed USDA regulation on livestock grazing. For the most part, the proposed regulation is great. But it needs some major tweaking or it will drive some small, organic dairies out of business.

Indeed, it would likely bankrupt my favorite local dairy, Straus Creamery. A dairy that treats its cows humanely, has been organic for eons, offers its milk in reusable bottles, uses a methane digester and is just about everything warm and fuzzy that you could want in a glass of milk. Heck, they embarked on the sustainability path in the 1960's!

Straus won't be the only dairy negatively affected. This is a national regulation and will impact farms across the country. In particular, West Coast and Northeast dairy farms will be heavily impacted and many livestock farmers, nation-wide, might abandon the organic life because of this regulation or go out of business.

Read more here and please, please take a moment from your busy holiday season to think about the milk you enjoy with your cookies. Please leave a comment by following the links here (at the bottom of the page) or here. THE DEADLINE IS TODAY.


Burbanmom said...

I am off like a flash!

And then, when I get back from the john, I will follow those links.

Thanks, GB!

Abbie said...

Thanks for posting about this issue. It's silly to force cows out of the barns during the winter, especially where it's cold and there's no grass for them to eat anyway. I think our ancestors would laugh about how silly lawmakers are now trying to run farms without the knowledge needed.

scifichick said...

I left a comment. I'm pretty sure it applies to Mass as well. Thanks for posting about this.

Green Bean said...

Burbs: Please spread the word once you're not longer ahem indisposed.

Abbie: Yes! Apparently the reg is overly detailed and dictates all kinds of things but without the knowledge. Pleaes spread the word.

Scifichick: It is a national regulation and will impact farms everywhere. So thanks for signing.

Green Me said...

Thanks for the kick in the pants I'd meant to comment earlier, but had not yet done so! We have been considering buying a share of a local organic dairy farm that delivers our area and I am sure this would affect them too... I am pretty sure that no cow (or anyone) really wants hang around in a pasture on a sub zero (or eve sub freezing) windy winter day in northern Colorado!

lauren said...

Signed and delivered. I love Straus!


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