Friday, January 30, 2009

A Dose of Hope

While I was contemplating what to write about today, I wandered around the internet to catch up on some blogs I wanted to read and to catch up with some friends. I found this post from Arduous and I changed my train of thought. This one's for you Arduous, because there are days we all need a good dose of hope and I'm glad you reminded me to look for it! Lately, the economy and our family's increasingly hectic schedule has had me a little down. But, if we look for it, hope is around every corner.

from the wonderings of... EcoWonder
What gives me hope...

When my alarm goes off at 'o-dark-o-clock and I feel too tired to haul my sorry cookies out of bed, the noisy whir of the grinder spinning the coffee beans my husband prepared and preset to brew for our morning coffee knowing I would be too tired. He helped me keep to my promise to take my trusty, reusable thermos to work each day, filled with my fair trade coffee fix... he gave me hope. (And a little caffeine buzz...)

Listening to my boys joking and laughing in the kitchen, eating their breakfast and helping their little brother eat that last bite of cereal because they know Mom is trying not to be late - again - to work... it gives me hope.

Opening my email and finding an invitation to a ribbon cutting ceremony to a new home built for a recovering homeless family from a non-profit agency my company supports... it gives me hope.

Eating my left-overs lunch out of the glass containers and pretty Crate and Barrel lunch bag that my sister kindly gave me for Christmas because she knew I hated carrying my ratty, old plastic Target bags to work... she gave me hope wrapped in recycled Christmas paper.

Rushing through the preschool, hurrying my son's boots on his feet, hat on his head, mittens on his hands, he stops to show me the pencil character he made from the fabric scraps I collected at work and lugged into the school. I breathe deeply and smile at the googly eyes, scrappy fabric skirt and the feathers for hair and I squeeze my littlest boy tight... because he gives me hope.

Coming home to find my boys have shoveled the driveway free of snow and they're already working on homework (with a side of video games) on their laptops, makes me realize what grown men they are becoming and I hug them (even though they're too big for that)... because they give me hope.

If we look carefully, around every corner - even in these darkest of days - we can find something that gives us hope. We all need a little and it's free for the taking!

What gives you hope?


JessTrev said...

Awww...I love this post! It gives me hope when my child scolds me for throwing away the grass that came with a bunch of (organic, locally grown) flowers: "we could reuse that!" and snags it out of the trash for her nature bin. It gives me hope when all of the employees at Trader Joe's say, "We hate the plastic packaging, too. Please send our HQ an email -- they'll listen to you." It gives me hope when a group of neighbors decided recently to try to pool together to buy solar panels. It gives me hope reading your stories!

Green Bean said...

Beautiful! Just beautiful! I'm with Jess. Your post alone gives me hope. You are right, though. It is everywhere. In people gathering together in their work clothes late at night to find a way to make our school system work with no money and just volunteers. In the NPR program about what people are doing to adapt and most of it is green, growing vegetables, walking to the store, turning lights off. We are at a major turning point, I believe, and you are right. Hope is everywhere. Thank you.

pink dogwood said...

When I count all the plastic wrappers I have saved by making my own bread for the past years and how many wrappers have been saved by influencing 4 of my other friends to start baking their own bread, it give me hope.

When the trash doesn't need to be taken out that often because most of the kitchen waste goes to the compost pile, it gives me hope.

When no one complains and waits for the light of our CFC bulbs to fully turn on - it gives me hope.

Our next generation gives me hope.

What a great post :)

pink dogwood said...

one more thing - our new president gives me hope :)

Going Crunchy said...

Beautimous! Music and smiles, laughter and book all give me hope. Thanks for the upbeat post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post...I feel uplifted. I needed a shot of hope as my husband has been out of work for 4 months, he had an interview today...I allow myself a sliver of hope maybe with the new administration things will improve and he'll become employed soon.

ruchi aka arduous said...

Aw, you guys have been so nice to me! I appreciate it. ;)


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