Sunday, January 11, 2009

Feeling Von Trapped

So long, farewell, auf weidersehen, goodbye - Burbanmom attempts to climb ev'ry mountain and become an upbeat, singing governess / postulant. Or something like that.

Ya know, when I started my Going Green Blog in June of 2007, it was simply a way to keep myself accountable. I wanted to ensure that I finally did something more than just lament the state of our planet and instead tried to "be the change I want to see in the world". And so I emailed a bunch of my friends and family and said, “Hey, I’m going to green my life and I’m going to write about the changes I make so you all can see what I’m doing and encourage me. Alternatively, if I stop posting, you can get on my ass about being a lame-o quitter”.

And so I made one change every day toward a greener lifestyle and chronicled that change on my blog. And my mom or sister would call me and we'd talk about the change I'd made, or my other sister would leave me funny notes in the comments section and I'd tell her she was a dork. It was all very comfortable. Too comfortable. Odds are I would get bored and quit within a month.

Well, the interwebby is a crazy place and the next thing I knew, perfect strangers were reading about my adventures and offering their support and encouragement - and criticism. Well, now I had an audience and, like Mary Martin, I love to perform. Now there was no way to stop it and so I continued making my changes and I also made a bunch of online friends (including a lonely goatherd) and learned even more about environmental causes.

But now sixteen - going on seventeen - months later, I feel like I have reached my initial goal of become a more ecologically responsible person. I am happy with the changes I've made and I have transformed from a "keeping up with the Joneses" suburban soccer mom to a much more mindful consumer. In short: I'm about as green as I'm gonna get.

Now don't get me wrong - if money starts falling from the sky and I can finally afford to put solar panels on my house or install an on-demand water heater - you can bet your sweet ass I'll do it - after all, these are a few of my favorite things. But as far as making the daily changes - that's it. I'm finished. el finito. Do-Re-Mi-Done.

Also? Too? I just can no longer commit to the time necessary to blog. I am heading back to college - starting today, in fact - wish me luck! I am also looking forward to working on the new environmental committee in our subdivision (did I ever mention that they DID pick me to serve?!?!). On top of all that, I have given up my CSA in favor of a 20’x20’ garden plot at a local county park. And I'm pretty sure I still have two little kids running around here somewhere... hmmmm.


I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm done writing online about eco-issues and will now begin introducing my wacky lifestyle to those in my “proximity community” as opposed to the “interwebby community”. Hopefully, they’ll be as accepting as the wonderful people I have met online.

But I doubt it.

So keep on keepin’ on. You guys have been a great support during the past year and a half and I appreciate all the kind words, criticisms and conversations we have had. Thank you all.

Much love, respect and admiration,

Erin AKA Burbanmom


greeen sheeep said...

Be still my bleating heart.

I am so sad to see you go Erin. You have been a huge inspiration to me and were always good for a laugh on this crazy green trip. Your wit will not be forgotten. I know those you are about to influence with your green goodness will love you just as much as all of us did. How could they not? Best of wishes in all your future endeavors!

Love ya!
greeen sheeep

Green Bean said...

Yours was the first blog that I read on a regular basis and the first with which I really connected. It has been a hoot to follow your adventures and an honor to blog with you. Please keep in touch. Damn you for living too far away for me to stalk in person.

Take care.

Crunchy Chicken said...

Man, the last time I auf weidersehened, well, you know what happened.

Good luck with school and your proximity community project. As I'm sure everyone else can attest, I hope to see you around the intarweb, even if you aren't the one posting.

organicneedle said...

Good luck with all your new adventures. I'm sure you will be great.... But who is going to be my needle-wielding cheerleader now?

Green Resolutions said...

Good luck with everything! And please don't delete your Going Green blog. I'm still going through the archives and making changes. I just tackled the junk mail and really appreciated your post pointing me in the right direction!!

Kellie said...

Thanks for all the inspiration Burbs!

JAM said...

You've been a favorite of mine - you will be missed!

The Pirate Farmer said...

Green Bean- I'll stalk her for you:) I'll be driving up her way soon!

Burbs- I hope all your new friends enjoy your lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo. Ha! I just got a visual.

Good luck and just remember..... every time I hear someone yell "Jesus Christ on a pop tart" I will fondly think of you. ~ib mommy

ruchi aka arduous said...

Aw sad! But I get it, and I understand how writing about eco for 17 months can leave you tapped out. But hey, and if you ever feel like writing about other stuff like in life, I would still read it!!

Good luck in school!!

JessTrev said...

Oh, baby, will I miss ya. But I so totally feel ya on the building your local community business. Thanks for all of the humor you have interjected into my path toward becoming a tad greener. You have made me snort (tap-filtered-with-a-now-recyclable-Brita) water through my nose on more than one occasion. Rock on, Burbinator.

Theresa said...

All the best to you as you return to college and take your green self out directly into your community!

Farmer's Daughter said...

Good luck living and spreading the green life in real life.

Anna (Green Talk) said...

Good Luck in college. I am sure whatever you do, you will continue to inspire and make us laugh at the same time. Climb every mountain...

leslie said...

I for one would like to hear what college courses you are taking.

I would like to hear how you convince your subdivision environmental committee to accept the fact that a clothesline is a good thing, and that a community compost pile is fashionable.

I want to know what you plan to plant in your plot, aside from committee members that don't get with the program, and how the community came to agree to allow a community garden.

And I know that on occasion your kids will do something cute that we need to know about...

And we all want to know how to solve a problem like Maria.

Melinda said...

Sniff, sniff... We'll miss you. Good luck in school, and do good things. I do hope you have the time to check in once in a while, because we'd love to gain inspiration from the new things you're doing in your community.

And yes, how do you solve a problem like Maria?

Amber said...

I'm reading this post a few days late but I just wanted to say I'm sad to see you go. I loved discovering your blog last year. Your posts always made me laugh and I always learned something. You have a fantastic writing style and a real gift for communicating green issues to people. You get them excited and on board.
I have no doubt you will put those great, green gifts to good use with your proximity community.
All the best!


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