Thursday, January 29, 2009

News Flash

In case you've been hit by the pneumonia double-whammy like our house? I thought I'd let you know the most astonishing news stories to catch my eye of late:


BPA may stick around longer than we thought, and it's in toilet paper too.

DC officials lied (from 2004 on) about lead levels in children when water lead levels spiked.

There may be Teflon chemicals in your water...and Bush made sure you can't complain.

High fructose corn syrup's usually mercury-laden, and the FDA's known since 2004!

Turns out, the folks selling salmonella peanut butter knew too!

What grabbed your eye in the headlines lately? JessTrev


Green Bean said...

The mercury in HFCS was pretty shocking. Well, actually, all of it is pretty shocking. What kind of world are we living in?

JessTrev said...

I have to agree, that there was mercury in HFCS while they launched that ad campaign mocking those who impugned the safety of their product is, ah, kinda unbelievable.

Green Me Alison said...

Except for the DC lead post I've seen all of these articles in some shape or form over the last week or so. I can't claim to have been pleased to read any of them, but my reaction was honestly a little "ho hum" more bad news, glad I eat HFCS free minimally processed foods. And then I went on with my day with out another thought to the news.

However, seeing these posts listed in a row was a bit of a wake up call and I am in now a bit irked, to put it politely. And I am thinking back to a convo that I recently had with a lawyer friend (whom I've known since age 3). She was trying to give me some shmutz about not getting all paranoid and waiting for things to play out for 50 years or so. I wish I could remember her exact words, but no matter, because when did the human race sign up to be rats in an experiment? I don't care if the results aren't in or are not conclusive. My family (and yours too) has a right to clean water, clean food, and safe products. Corporations and the FDA really need to start showing a little respect and restraint!

JessTrev said...

Green Me Alison - totally agreed. I think it's cause I have been listening to Diane MacEachern exhort us to have a prevention agenda, and reading Devra Davis about the history of companies stonewalling and gov't being complicit in allowing environmental toxins to sicken people. I'm not paranoid or living in fear -- I so agree with you -- I just think you're right. Everyone has a right to clean water, clean air, safe food/products. Hope the chickens are doing well!

Farmer's Daughter said...

Thanks for the lead/mercury stories. I just started Hazmats with my env. sci. class. They could use some reading on heavy metals and gov't cover ups.

Going Crunchy said...

All of it.......

My husband has taken to sending me e-mails of freaky stuff as he knows I like to get all irate and blog about it.

I think I may be hitting my shut-off limit though. Sigh.

JessTrev said...

Farmer's Daughter - oh, I want my kids (and me) to take your class!

Going Crunchy - that's so funny - my relatives sometimes just tell me to stop reading (um, yeah, that's the answer!).

Expatriate Chef said...

Want to find out who to contact about the HFCS, who is making it, what we can do and the fact that Obama tried to get the use of mercury cell manufacturing stopped when he was still a senator?

Oh, yeah, read all the ways to take action:


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