Thursday, February 5, 2009

Taking Action on Mercury

JessTrev followup: So, I was a little down on the news last week. It's not like mercury hasn't been on my radar; I've been pregnant or nursing for much of the last six years so Jeremy Piven's predicament was high on the list of situations I wanted to avoid. Somehow, though, the fact that companies manufacturing high fructose corn syrup knew there was mercury in it? Really got my chocolate syrup-loving goat, even if we do usually buy the organic, HFCS-free kind.

Luckily for me, I soothed myself down by reading some of my favorite blogs, and the (Ex)Expatriate's Kitchen and Foodie Tots both had great lowdowns on the HFCS issue (good info always cheers me up - ok, except for ExPat's comment that "Two other very common food additives are also manufactured with mercury cell technology; citric acid and sodium benzoate. These additives have not yet been tested."). Ahem. Check both posts for good info on the HFCS manufacturing processes and the (lack of) government oversight, as well as a list of addresses and phone numbers of the offending HFCS companies over at ExPat Chef's.

Oceana's all over this one, though, and if you only have a few secs, head on over there to fill out a form to tell off all 4 companies in one fell swoop:

Tell Chlorine Companies to Go Mercury Free!

A small number of chlorine plants in the U.S. are still using toxic mercury in their production processes -- putting mercury into the atmosphere that can find its way into our seafood. This contamination puts the health of all of us at risk.

If you don't live near one of the plants, click here to email the companies.

If you live near one of the plants, contact the person below to get involved locally.

Ashtabula, OH Ashta Plant- Beth Kemler at (202) 467-1957 or
Augusta, GA Olin Plant- Tonya Bonitatibus at (706) 461-3362 or
Charleston, TN Olin Plant- Suzanne Wisdom at
Natrium, WV PPG Plant- Jon Pezold at (412) 880-8902 or

Yay for Oceana, ExPat Chef, and FoodieTots! And for feeling like we can make our voices heard.


kale for sale said...

Coincidentally, tonight in the city the author of the book Mercury is speaking in SF at the JCC. I won't make it but would love to hear a review if someone does.

Farmer's Daughter said...

Today, 5 of my botany students were up in arms about the mercury in corn syrup. I had them in environmental science last year. They brought it up in class, it was off topic and we went with it for 5 minutes. I wanted to burst into tears I was so happy, they didn't even need me there to have that conversation.

Then we went into the greenhouse and planted flower seeds.

When I see them again on Monday, I'll tell them how to speak out on the issue, and I bet they will.
Thanks for your post! These kids really give me hope.

JessTrev said...

kale for sale - hope someone reading went and gives us an update!

Farmer's Daughter - aw, your students give me hope too. let us know what they decide to do!


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