Thursday, March 5, 2009


JessTrev on consuming less and playing halvsies.

Back when I used to throw sixty pounds on my back for days at a time (instead of thirty wriggling pounds on my left hip) I used to have a simple rule of thumb for loading up my backpack. As much as I really wanted to bring, say, a full sized hairbrush or a second pair of shorts? I would force myself to put half of the stuff I wanted back.

I'm using this metaphor these days to guide my food consumption as I'm getting in shape and trying to eat more healthily. I think the motto can work for other areas of my life as well, though. Cold? Want to turn up the heat? How 'bout half the degrees?

This could also serve as a way to get rid of my old environmentalist hairshirt attitude, too. C'mon, didn't you ever play halvsies? As in, noooo, I couldn't possibly eat the rest of that brownie. I can only eat haaaaalf. Then your partner must reciprocate in half-speak down to the last crumbs. Repeat until someone cracks. (And why, yes, I did teach junior high, why do you ask?!)

In other words, if something seems too hard for me to accomplish? I may just have to take a half-step in that direction. And I can laugh at my own whiny voices in my head: I can't possibly find the time to walk to the gym every morning - I have to drive or I won't be able to fit it in. Ah, maybe I can do it half of the time....


Kel said...

ahh, what a great mind game. im likin' that!

Willo said...

That's a great trick. It's kind of like the one I use which is I need to at least START what I need to do. Then once I've at least started it's so much easier to finish or come back to.

Green Bean said...

That's such a great way to inch forward on a greener life.


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