Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blog for the Bay!

JessTrev with a call to action in defense of clean water and electrifyingly delicious crab concoctions.

So...in response to the call for favorite crab memories, well! I have two, and both are quintessentially DC. First? When we lived in Dupont Circle, we had an apartment in a building with a roof deck. Can you say fabulous summer parties? My favorite one involved a couple of bushels of crabs from the waterfront (ohhh, the Old Bay has my mouth watering at the very thought). You know how DC gets those late afternoon thunderstorms? Imagine a bunch of younguns with no sense and orange-crusted fingers, with hair that stood on end. We thought it was hilarious. And yes, my brother, a scientist who was working at NOAA at the time, was at this party. And no, we didn't realize until the next day that we were all about to be struck with lightning.

The second memory is one of my favorite gustatory delights of all time: a softshelled crab sandwich with hot sauce nestled in the squishiest of white sandwich bread. This one I got on the National Mall during a celebration for Bill Clinton right after his election.

I don't need to tell you that the Chesapeake isn't a haven for crabs or wildlife these days (including humans), although the crabs seem to be rebounding! Shucks, can you imagine the day we can swim in it?! I'm keepin' hope alive. Let's keep the legislative and policy efforts pushing for recovery.

Please sign the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's petition to the US EPA:

"We the undersigned respectfully request the EPA keep its promise to clean up Chesapeake Bay by 2010. The Bay is a national treasure, but it and its rivers are sick. The 'dead zone' consumes 35 percent of the Bay every summer. The Susquehanna runs brown with sediment. Fish kills occur across the watershed. The blue crab has fallen by two-thirds threatening a rich cultural heritage. Unless immediate concerted action is taken, the Bay and its rivers will not survive. In 2000, the EPA promised to restore the Bay's health by 2010. The EPA has admitted the goal will not be met. And now there is talk of a new 2020 deadline. This continued delay is unacceptable. We support the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's legal action against the EPA. The EPA must do everything it can to reduce the pollution destroying this national treasure and its rivers."

Many thanks to FoodieTots and arugulafiles for hosting this roundup of support for the Chesapeake.


Alison said...

What a tragedy (or perhaps travesty) that the Chesapeake is in such a sorry state. I've never actually visited the area (outside of DC), but have images of its once pristine beauty floating in my noggin from reading Michener's book several years back. 2020 is a much to distant deadline -- hopefully this campaign will gain some traction and get the EPA to step-it up!

JessTrev said...

Thanks, Alison - wouldn't it be amazing if we could take clean water for granted? I think this is one area where environmentalists and sports enthusiasts should team up (heh heh) to demand a faster timetable and real incentives for cleanup.

Colleen/FoodieTots said...

Love the dedication to those Old Bay steamed crabs, through lightening and all. Sign of a true Washingtonian. :)

Thanks for joining us in Blog for the Bay!

mary said...

I love finding new blogs - yours is great and I would have never found it if it were not for Colleen and her Blog for the Bay idea.

Thanks for blogging for the bay!

I'll be back to your site soon.

Anonymous said...

I signed my letter to Lisa Jaskcson last night at Green Drinks in Baltimore! What a great thing to do.

Yesterday we were just talking about the huge trash vortex in the Pacific Ocean http://planetgreen.discovery.com/travel-outdoors/reduce-pacific-trash-vortex.html
and then discussed the impact if anything like that would happen on this side of the states. Oh my.
I grew up on the water in Southern MD and truly enjoyed what the water had to offer, not only for play but for bounty as well. I hope children for generations will be able to enjoy what has grown to be a huge part of who I am.

Great blog!! Thanks for getting the word out!

-Katie Roberts


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