Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Green Recessionista's Home

A wondering from the EcoWonder...
There's always a lot of buzz about the green home of the future. Here's what mine looks like in light of the recession and green living...

Kitchen: Coffee shop, fast food restaurant, food processing and storage facility, specialized tutor and study skills center, crisis management center & pet care salon.

Dining Room: Laundry drying facility, project management center, second office & fine dining restaurant.

Living Room: Theater, playground, casual dining restaurant, video game arcade, hotel, daycare & date night.

Home Office: Blogging HQ, Little League recycling HQ, financial advisor's office, school project & craft center, advertising agency and communication central.

Basement: One-stop grocery store with canned goods in aisle 1, frozen foods in aisle 2 and root vegetables in aisle 3, a laundromat conveniently located in aisle 4 and gym with yoga center in the lobby.

Garage: Bike repair shop, vacation rentals (hockey sticks, snowboards, sleds, tennis rackets, basketballs, baseball bats, backstops, bases, soccer nets & roller blades), compost center, recycling center and home hardware store.

Bedroom: Bookstore, video store, dry cleaner, therapist's office, doctor's office, shoe store, clothing boutique and occasionally, a place to sleep. Oh, yeah. And date night, almost forgot about that one.

What about you? What home design changes have you been willing to make in light of tighter budgets and greener living?


Carmen said...

That is a really neat way to look at things!

Green Bean said...

Ha! I thought I was the only one who almost forgets about date night.

Farmer's Daughter said...


Date night, what's that? I'm too tired from everything else!

My dining room has become my greenhouse.

Laurie said...

Great post!
Really gets you thinking about your own green way of life.


risa said...


Electronic Goose said...

SO funny!

Going Crunchy said...

Cutie post!


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