Friday, April 3, 2009

"The Play's the Thing"

Eating Locally!

Using less plastic!

Trying to avoid toxic substances [at least when they are not in used books (grrrrrrrrr--sign the petition here)]..!

Planting a bigger garden!

Yes, these things usually inspire me, motivate me, are part of me--especially in the spring, when eating locally gets easier and the garden begins to sprout.


Right now there are other things taking my mental energy.

Around here, it is Shakespeare, 24-7.

THE PLAY is tonight!

My 9yo son is playing the drunkard Sir Toby Belch in a homeschooler production of Twelfth Night, directed by a homeschooled teen from our community. While my son was practicing his lines, he created this very short video of his finger-puppet animals putting on the beginning of the play:


The play tonight was received with lots of laughter, wild applause, multiple hugs, and flying rubber chickens.

And now, sweet prince, to bed!

1 comment:

JessTrev said...

Hey, that is so cool! Impressive intonation and expression at nine. Hope he enjoys his performance tonight.


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