Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Linklove

JessTrev weighs in with her interwebby delights from the last week:

"...from a commercial perspective, less bad is not a positive selling point. It's just a reason for people to feel less guilty about a product until they finally find a way to avoid it. Figure out how to honestly make them feel good about the product--so it does more good instead of less harm--and they won't need to avoid it." Baby care product makers, are ya readin'?!
  • Loving the looks of these instructions for natural Easter egg dyes. Let's just say that ours were, ah, faintly perceptible last year so I'm hoping that Crunchy Domestic Goddess can help me achieve her vivid blues.
  • Been wanting to whip up some of these quick little skirts for my big girl for spring, so I've gotten sucked into the vortex that is Etsy organic and vintage fabric (smile). I'm also daydreaming of whipping up some cloth Easter eggs. Any other ideas for fabric sources? Lay 'em on me!
  • Speaking of the tiny girl person and being oh-so-ready-for-warm-weather, she talked me into a joint haircut!
  • I'm loving this what-to-plant-now guide...and what I really need to sow asap is Easter basket grass!
  • I really want to make this candy sushi -- talk to me about some alternatives to all those dye-and-additive-filled treats, folks!
  • Randomly? I just ordered some Skoy cloths and am excited to check them out. Also? I'm loving my switch to a Misto sprayer for olive oil instead of disposable bottles. Although, now that I poke around for a link, I see that I have an aluminum one and they now have a stainless steel model available. Wonder if I should have concerns about aluminum for storage....If you've been wanting to read up on biochar? Check out Arduous and EcoSpheric.
  • Check out this EPA site that tracks water quality issues for specific water suppliers (thanks to The SmartMama).
  • Finally -- a Polyface neighbor took up the challenge of making ice cream with the delightful eggmobile yolks. When I picked up our delivery yesterday, we got cookies 'n cream and chocolate (in the interests of research, of course) and the sweet woman checking off my order said, "Oh! I remember your name! I made your ice cream!" Doesn't get any better than that! Yuuuuuuum! Now, that's the kind of beyond-local-beyond-organic transparency I'd like to see more of....


De in D.C. said...

Mmmm... free-range ice cream..... Love. I'm actually making a batch myself this afternoon using eggs we gathered yesterday at our CSA, though I still need to decide on a flavor. I also made a honey bunt cake last night using those eggs and some honey still left from our share last fall. OMG, best honey ever.

JessTrev said...

Aw, De! Local HONEY too?! I think honey vanilla, maybe with a few graham crackers crushed up, is screaming your name. Little freshly ground nutmeg...

kale for sale said...

Thanks for the reminder of the Skoy cloths. I saw a new line of biodegradable sponges, towel spongey things and loofah pot scrubbers at the store today but they were wrapped completely in plastic which excluded their purchase. And I couldn't remember the name of the alternative Skoy cloths which are not packaged in plastic. Your timing is perfection!

Lynn from said...

Jess, I don't know which I'm more envious of...your home made ice cream or the fact that you got to enjoy such wonderful blog reading over the past few days!! Good for you!

And I LOVE, LOVE that quote from Colin..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link about grace!


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