Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tree Time!

It's that time of year again, time for me to drool over trees. Last year I had so many big ideas... Ripping out some ancient shrubs to replace them with blueberry bushes. Planting cherry and apple trees in the lower yard. Dragging another 300 lb. maple home from the nursery. Unfortunately my eyes are always bigger than my gardening budget. We ended up with two very small pear trees and a few forsythias. I wasn't happy about it then, but today when I see the two trees boasting tiny clusters of white flowers and the neon brightness of the forsythias in bloom, I am somewhat placated.
This year, I am completely and totally on the world's teeniest gardening budget. We're talking next to nothing, so I am looking to get the most bang from gardening buck. For that, I am turning to the Arbor Day Foundation where right now (if you hurry and order soon, shipping for Zone 5/6 ends in a couple of days!!!) you can get two free forsythias and a free Red Maple for member orders.
I am thinking of trying my hand at a few nut trees. Hazelnuts in particular... I haven't ever grown nut trees and I don't know anyone who has, but I might give it a whirl. Birch trees have forever reminded me of vacationing lakeside with cool breezes and lapping water, so I am considering planting a couple near our lake for some shade. But, I change my mind every few minutes... Right now I have 12 different things in my shopping cart, but I can't make the final click to buy. What should I do?!?

What are you planting this year? And how did you make a decision? Help!


Green Bean said...

I do like the birch trees. Fast growers! And, as to the nut trees, I've wanted to grow one myself for quite some time. This year, I splurged on an espaliered (sp?) pear tree (a 5 in 1). Last year, we planted two apples and a pomegranate. The year before, a Japanese maple. If I stay here any longer, our yard will be an orchard. Not a bad thing.

Carla said...

Check out the Arbor Day Foundation Hazelnut Project. I'm thinking of getting my hazelnut bushes from there...
All the trees I have planted in my yard are from the Arbor Day Foundation's annual Free Tree Day. They are small, I'll admit, but the price is right. The first one, a red maple, is now taller than I am - it was planted my first spring in No. Idaho (2004).
I also have a Austrian Pine from the same year (wh/is only knee-high), and, from subequent years, a Littleleaf Linden, a Green Ash, a Flowering Crab and a Tamarack, also known as a Larch.
Oh, and I have in a pot, to be planted a little later, my free tree from buying the Wall-E DVD - a Colorado Blue Spruce.
Then, in the back yard, I have the 3 fruit trees I bought last year - one each, apple, apricot, plum.
Lots of very tall (50'+) Lodgepole & Ponderosa pines all around the neighborhood/town, but not a one in my yard!

Green Resolutions said...

The one thing I didn't like about our house when we bought two years ago-- the former owner cut down all the trees. Now, I'm sort of glad because I have sun for my garden and room to plant what I want. Like you, my gardening budget is tight. I spent my birthday gift money on a few blueberry bushes. (And I am thrilled to see a few blueberries ripening.) The apple trees will probably have to wait until next year, though. I'd also like to plant a maple and a dogwood, but I'd rather focus on fruit-bearing trees first.

Farmer's Daughter said...

Arbor day usually gives 10 free trees when you join. They're VERY small (sticks), but they're free so what do you expect.

We planted 6 apple trees this year, as well as a berry patch and 2 sugar maples last fall. I hope to add a few more fruit trees each year. Our yard was hayfield before we built 2 years ago, so we really felt like we needed trees!


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