Monday, May 25, 2009

Carnival of the Green #181

Welcome to the Carnival of the Green! This is the 181st edition of Treehugger's weekly roundup of eco links from around the blogosphere. (Welcome to our Green Phone Booth! Five women write and work together in the 'booth toward a cooler, cleaner, healthier planet. Individually, we face the same frustrations and challenges that you do in trying to live more lightly on this Earth. Together, we’ve created a community that fosters our efforts. All of us aspire to green superhero status. Some times, we are wildly successful and, other times, our capes fail us. But we do try – and we know you do, too. Join us on our adventures! We can always fit another hero into the Booth.)

Here's what greenies worldwide submitted for this round:

Gardening Reflections/Musings
  • Alan Kneidel presents Animal parts galore, for sale at Bargain Beachwear, posted at Veggie Revolution. Says Alan, "Ever notice how many animal parts are used in the souvenir industry? In this post, Alan Kneidel reports on the array of animal parts he finds for sale as souvenirs in one South Carolina beachwear shop. The post includes a link to World Wildlife Fund's "Buyer Beware" webpage, which tells how you can help stop the overharvesting of these creatures for pointless souvenirs."
  • Siamak Partovi-Deilami presents Nature technology the grandest of all posted at Japan Technology Information. It's a reflection on modern technology that's inspired by nature, including crash gear inspired by bumblebees!
Cutting Consumption
New Green Products
Healthy Lifestyle/Nutrition
General Carnival Tips
Make Your Own
  • Wren Caulfield presents DIY Project: Bike Panniers posted at True Adventures in Money Hacking. There are actually a bunch of different ideas for making your own bike panniers in this post - and if you've got another method, leave yours in the comments!
  • RecycleCindy, Author and Owner of My Recycled Bags (a website dedicated to recycling & crafting) says: "This week I offer my latest recycled bag which is crocheted from old tee-shirts. It's a great way to repurpose your old t-shirts into a cool crocheted purse. Here is the free crochet pattern link. Thank you and happy green crafting to you!
Alternative Energy
Many thanks to last week's host, Ethical Superstore. And I know you can't get enough of the Carnival of the Green, so head to Green Building Elements next week for the June 1st edition!


Lynn from said...

Jess, wonderful way to organize the carnival! After hosting the other week, I have a new appreciation for what it takes to put this carnival together! Well done - and on a holiday weekend no less! Thanks for including me!

Green Bean said...

I agree with Lynn. The organization makes it so easy to identify and follow the links I'd be interested in. Thanks for hosting this at the booth.

RecycleCindy said...

Just a note of thanks for hosting this week. I appreciate so much all the hard work you put into hosting and organizing these carnivals each week. Well done!

wanda said...

I love this blog! great work! check out


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