Friday, May 22, 2009

Knitting Things Together

Many of us in the green-blogging movement also think of ourselves as Knitters, with a capital K.

Just as our green status affects our cooking of slow food, our environmental commitments lead us to love our handmade "slow clothes."

Some of us are committed to finding responsibly-raised sheep and spinning their fleeces without added chemicals and without the use of fossil-fuel-based power. A spindle or a spinning wheel in our own hands can give us such a sense of pleasure and appreciation. Natural dyes--made from plants we raise in dye gardens or we collect wild--add to the low-impact nature of natural knitting.

What a joy it is when I see other people finding ways of combining their love of fiber with their love of the environment:

(This example of "a-knit-mation"--along with a little bit of information about this film and also a few other examples of aknitmation--can be found over at TikkunKnitter.)


scifichick said...

This is pretty neat! I am also a knitter. Though I don't spin my own yarn, I do buy organic and possibly local yarn for my knitting. I am trying to turn it into a somewhat paying job, but I guess I haven't really found my niche yet.

Julie said...

What a way to make a statement! That is certainly a powerful video. Just like gardening, I love the personal attention and time it takes to create a work of love out of yarn, especially yarn that I've spun and dyed myself.


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