Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lagel My Bagel

From the bean of Green Bean.

The kids were at school. American Idol runner up Adam Lambert lamented the Mad World on iTunes. My cat wended his way between my legs. I pushed and tugged, rolled and folded. Ten minutes the recipe said and ten minutes it was.

Then I covered the dough in my new covered bowl, tamping the lid down tightly and eschewing "plastic wrap" forever. The dough grew and swelled for over an hour. When I took it out, it had doubled in size as the recipe has promised. Breaking it into ten pieces, I rounded the dough and poked my thumb through, into a bagel shape. Yup, also easy. A few minutes later, I popped the unbaked bagels into simmering water, one by one, until they bobbed dizzily to surface. Then, into the oven they went.

Thirty minutes later, we had fresh, homemade bagels (click here for bagel recipe).

I'm not sure why I did it.

I had never thought of making bagels until JessTrev linked to an article about them on Superhero Secrets. The article promised that bagels were significantly cheaper to make than to buy. To the tune of $.21 to a $1.20 per round. We do go through quite a few bagels in a week. 'M kay. Great. Making these would save me seven to ten bucks a week. Not too shabby. But I didn't make them because I was being frugal.

Making bagels from scratch also eliminates any plastic packaging. Of course, buying them in bulk from your local bagel store or from the bakery bulk section at your grocery store and putting them in a reused bag does that too. And takes a lot less time.

Nonetheless, doing it my way also allowed me to construct my bagels from organic fair trade sugar and locally grown and milled organic flour. No preservatives or funky ingredients. Thomas' bagels can keep their monodiglycerides? Still, that wasn't the reason I made my own bagels.

Ever since I started swapping homemade snacks with friends, I've been game for baking almost anything. Last week, it was goldfish crackers. A few weeks before that, I tried my hand at graham crackers. But still, I'm not sure that was my motivation.

I did it because I could. Because the article promised that it was easy. That it was worth it. And, biting into a chewy, warm bagel, that was enough.


Kel said...

lovely. pretty much sums up all the reasons i employ to justify my time spent making things from scratch. must try own bagels!

JessTrev said...

Awesome! Thanks for leaping ahead and trying them - they look delicious. I am totally impressed. Also? Curious about yr covered bowl (in a pinch, you can do what I've discovered as an alternative - just throw a damp tea towel over the bowl like my grandmother used to do) too. You make these bagels sound so easy and do-able. Definitely going to have to give it a whirl.

Heather @ SGF said...

They look great! Everyone was so impressed when I said I made bagels, but there aren't really that much more difficult than bread. Just an extra step with the whole boiling thing. Glad you had success! Enjoy!

JAM said...

I am impressed too. I've been meaning to try bagels for a few weeks now, since Heather gave me her recipe, but hadn't gotten to it. Maybe this week! I have gotten much more in the habit of making our regular bread, so that's improvement!

Rosa said...

They look yummy!

I usually make whole wheat bagels, which are good but taste kind of ...healthy. You know?

A few weeks ago I ran out of whole wheat flour and made 75% white flour bagels. OMG. First, they were GIGANTIC - they puffed up like crazy. Second, we ate them at every meal til they were gone because they were so good.

Green Bean said...

Kel: Glad we're all on the same page. :)

JessTrev: I have used a towel to cover things for the past few years but this year, someone held a Pampered Chef fundraiser for my son's school. I was trying to get away from plastic in the kitchen so I ditched my plastic mixing bowls and upgraded to the Pampered Chef stainless steel ones with the lid. Lovely!

Heather: You are so right. They really aren't difficult at all but I went back and looked at yours on your blog and dang girl but yours look beautiful!

JAM: Well, you beat me there. I've gotten out of the habit of making our own bread. Need to get back on that loaf.

Rosa: I do the same with the whole wheat flour - though I usually do 50/50. Why not? It's healthier and it is also the only kind they sell at my farmers' market. :)

Heather @ SGF said...

Thanks! How did you roll them? I think that's the trick. From your picture, it looks like you rolled the dough into a log, then linked the ends together? Instead, I made balls of dough and then make a hole in the middle and worked the dough out into a circle.

Here's the instructions from the recipe I use:

"Use your index finger to poke a hole through the center of each ball, then twirl the dough on your finger to stretch the hole till it's about 2 inches in diameter (the entire bagel will be about 4 inches across). Place each bagel on a lightly greased or parchment-lined baking sheet, and repeat with the remaining pieces of dough."

It works great and makes perfect looking bagels. Of course they taste delicious either way and isn't that the point :)

Hippy Goodwife said...

yay! I have been meaning to try this! I bought some amazing flour from http://www.bluebirdgrainfarms.com/

at our local farmers market. We are making bagels this afternoon. Thanks for the nudge to get to it!

Donna said...

I made bagels once a while back and they were delicious. Don't know why I haven't made them again except for the fact that they seemed like a lot of work considering that my family ate them twice as fast as the store-bought kind. I'm thinking of trying the goldfish crackers, but I expect the same phenomenon. :)

I'm loving these posts about the new things you're baking from scratch -- please keep them coming!

kale for sale said...

I was biting into that first warm bagel with you. Sure you could buy them at the store but really, yours have so much more character. I wish I had one right now!

suzannah said...

yum! i made whole wheat pita last week, pretty much 'cause they wanted 5 bucks for four little rounds at the grocery and i thought that was ridiculous. it took a little time but was super easy and delicious--especially with salted yogurt dipping sauce with cumin and parsley:)

will have to try these bagels!

Green Bean said...

Heather: No, I didn't roll them but did them the way your instructions say. I'll have to give it another go. :) I'll have to try your recipe as well. Thanks.

Hippy Goodwife: Woot!! Can't wait to hear how your bagels turn out.

Donna: Oh, I'm glad you like these posts because I'm on a roll. I've got all kinds of things I'm trying from scratch these days. Good luck with the goldfish crackers - I suspect you are right. My husband actually polished ours off before anyone else could get to them for seconds.

Katrina: I wish I could beam one over to you. Sometimes, things just taste better knowing that they've been made with care and thought.

Suzannah: Okay, those sound amazing. Recipe please?!?

Farmer's Daughter said...

Those look awesome! I'll add it onto my ever-growing list of things to try this summer! (I can't do anything new til June 24th!!!) :)

Daisy said...

Impressive - they look totally delicious.

ruchi said...

That's it. After I graduate I am moving onto your front stoop. I trust that you will feel sorry for me that you will occasionally throw a bagel onto the porch. :)

Seriously, amazing GB. You ARE wonder woman!

Dianne said...

This is an awesome idea. Found you from Facebook. I'm going to give these a try. The goldfish look good too.

suzannah said...

i linked to the recipe for whole wheat pitas here:


i hope you like them as much as we did:)

Ankur Desai said...

Very truly said!
First of all when we make bagel by ourself we can maintain the quality of it!Along with it it becomes cheaper for us to make bagel by self then buying those bagels from the grocery shops which has been on the shelf for few days and god knows how they have been manufactured and stored!
SO I prefer making bagel by self at home.


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