Sunday, May 10, 2009

Onward to Victory

From the bean of Green Bean.

Photo courtesy of Sweet Eventide.

Earlier this week, I wrote about some vicious attacks on my front yard garden. We've been under attack for over a week by one enemy or another - slugs, deer, sowbugs, stray children, you name them, they've been in my victory garden.

So is it any wonder that this Sunday's Superhero Secrets focuses on gardening. Specifically, edible gardening.

Earlier, this month, I stumbled upon Hip Chick Digs. A great blog about edible gardening, yes, but my favorite part? The before and after photos of of her front yard. When I first decided to plant edibles in the front yard, I yearned for photos such as these - that show the beauty and design of a true Victory Garden. Will my yard ever look like hers? Depends on if I can withstand the war at home.

For advice on how to do just that, I turned to gardener extraordinaire, Melinda at 1 Green Generation. She conveniently posted on just this topic late last month. Melinda offers all kinds of advice for keeping unwanted critters out of your edible garden. Planting around the perimeter didn't work so well for us but the interplanting . . . knock on wood.

Just when you get one, ahem, pest under control, however, it seems another one kicks in. We'd had some major slug sieges and (I know most wouldn't qualify them as a pest but I swear they are attacking my seedlings!) sowbugs. Yet another gardening superhero to the rescue with Fast Grow the Weeds. Seems I only need to apply a little sex-ed to save my struggling seedlings.

So, with all the constant front yard battles, is it all worth it? Accordingly Eat.Drink.Better., the answer is a resounding and economical yes!

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