Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reuse Those Produce Stickers!

JessTrev with a practical tip for those of us who buy supermarket produce. Go to the farmer's market! Ahem. Upcycle those annoying stickers.

So, all the chitter chat about banana stickers reminded me to share the info for Sticker Man. Since I read about this upcycling artist about a year ago on Green LA Girl's blog, I've been saving all of our produce stickers in a little baggie on my kitchen shelves above my sink. You know how some things just go on autopilot? Well, I have little spots in my kitchen to save random stuff: eggshells for the garden, peels for my compost tumbler, bottle tops to bring in to Aveda (which I haven't tried yet, but am thrilled to hear they've started), Brita filters to send to Beth's living room bring in to Whole Foods if they ever start recycling them here in DC (Tenleytown and Georgetown? not so much - I am going to have to mail those suckers in), corks for lord knows what, and a waxed paper bag for produce stickers. Apparently, I had a few zillion up there in amongst my cookbooks 'cause when my good friend visited from Montana, he chuckled a bit about my little project, reminding me to send them in. Not like this particular friend can talk. Bozeman doesn't recycle glass anymore so he saves it in his garage and drives it East with him to recycle here when he visits. Quirky is as quirky does, my friend.

Anyways, I sent my stickers in and whaddya know? Produce Man sent me a postcard back! He got 'em! How cool is that? Way cooler than sifting through beautiful compost and seeing a bazillion plastic stickers, I'd say.

Also? I'd forgotten this info about produce sticker codes, and was delighted to see it posted recently at Healthy Child, Healthy World:

Three easy rules to remember:

1. Organic produce always starts with the number 9.
2. Conventionally Grown produce always starts with a 3 or a 4.
3. Genetically Modified produce always starts with the number 8.

Lastly? Anyone have an update on whether or not they're going to shift to laser fruit tattoos instead of stickers?


Green Bean said...

Interesting codes for the food. I had heard about organic but not the others.

I have similar stashes in my kitchen and recycl area. As to those corks, here's what to do with them.

Alison said...

Thanks for the code tips, I was up on "9" for organics as I had a stint at an organic only food store a few years back; however, I had no clue on the "8" for GM. Very very good info to know, in a sad kinda way.


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