Sunday, May 31, 2009

Superhero Secrets

JessTrev with some Sunday linklovin'.

  • Even Trash Can Be Beautiful: "We all hold trash within ourselves. By trash I mean the things that shouldn’t be there in a perfect world. In a river this means old carpets, broken bicycles and nasty chemicals. In people it means emotional wounds, pent up aggression and toxic thoughts (to name a few). Like the trash in the river, our inner junk affects the quality of our lives." Read on at infinitelearners....
  • "The solution to satiation is to take the time to appreciate all the variety you have," according to a Science Daily review of recent marketing research. In other words, if you're eating your 9 millionth zucchini muffin this summer, it will help you enjoy it better if you remind yourself of all the other muffins you've had all year. Or all of the other wonderful things you've had from your garden. Important mind games for all of us hoping to eat those leftovers and reduce food waste.
Slightly Better Stuff (but it's still stuff)
  • Bt-dunk mosquito traps - anyone used em?
  • Amsterdam tool for careful clothing purchases (currently, 30 companies have signed up): "MADE-BY Track&Trace follows the trail of your clothes. With the MADE-BY code in your garment you can find out where your garment was made and by whom. In this way, MADE-BY brands open up the doors to the production process. They can’t guarantee that all their clothes have been manufactured in a 100% clean and honest way. A garment completes numerous stages before it ends up in a store, and brands do not have the power or resources at their disposal to change all of these stages for the whole collection in one go. But in the meantime, they show their progress. MADE-BY Track&Trace is the very first system to trace the origin of clothes." --Made-By hat tip to Treehugger
  • The Best Time to Buy Guide for 45 Products and Services (cause saving green can help you have the cash to make more expensive eco purchases, right?) Hat tip to Declutter It! author Peggy Rowland
  • Wayyy too expensive for my taste, but I love the idea: fire hose wallets and purses from Elvis & Kresse (via Treehugger).
Yeesh alerts
Foodie Frenzy (must've been hungry this week!)


Green Bean said...

How did you know I have a fridge full of rhubarb? I am all over the poptart thing!

As to the leather couches, greeeeaaaaattttttt. Just got one in the fall because we figured it would at least last longer with the boys. Now, not only is it too cold in winter and too uncomfortable to lay on but I have to worry about chemical burns. Sweet!

JessTrev said...

GB - Ha! Somehow I just knew you'd do those pop tarts justice! And, ah, sorry about the sofas? Ducking...and at least you have one up on my flame-retardant and foam-spilling sofa. You have *some* chance yours isn't harming your kids' health. ;)

Sunder said...

Congrats! I have awarded your blog the 'One Lovely Blog' award!

Stop by my blog to pick up your award!!


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