Friday, June 5, 2009

Ring.... Ring....

A Purloined Letter:

This morning I am entering our Green Phone Booth for the last time. Running through the rain that just won't stop around here, my cape is soaking wet, heavy, and dripping all over my spandex leggings hemp calf-length skirt and high-heel go-go boots worn-out Birkenstocks.

The garden calls. Little-bitty corn shoots are waiting for bean seeds and squash seeds to complete their triumverate. Lettuces are on the verge of bolting. The native ground cherries seem to need my attention.

My son calls. He is ten: ready to take on the world at one moment and crawl into my lap the next. Homeschooling requires me gives me a chance to be part of his life at almost every turn.

The librarian calls. "Are you EVER going to return the books you've now checked out three times and still have waiting to read on your nightstand?"

My mother calls and wants to know when we can come visit my elderly father, who is celebrating the very good (and honestly surprising) results of a cancer follow-up.

The piano calls. My knitting calls. The compost bin calls. The disaster area we call our basement calls. THE PHONE WON'T STOP RINGING!

So after this post, I have decided to sign off from this blog--just so I can start answering some of the messages waiting for me. I'm off to commune with the world in a more private way for a little while.

Luckily, I know that I will not be missed. The Green Phone Booth is a miraculous place, the place where all of us mere mortals instantly can become superheroes, just by making that call. So here is my call to all of you: pull out your own capes and pick up the phone!


Green Bean said...

Ah but I will miss your thought-provoking posts and tales of knitting, gardening and homeschooling. Good luck getting caught up on all those messages and please do pop into the Booth from time to time to say hi.

Lynn from said...

I think every blogger can identify with what you've said. When it stops being fun, it's time to take a pause...but the nice thing is you can always pick it up again...As Green Bean said, we'll miss your posts! Thanks for all you've contributed to the green community!

kale for sale said...

You will be missed. But it sounds like once the cape dries out it will serve you well to answer all those personal calls. Happy knitting, schooling, visiting and basement organizing to you. Be well.

hillary said...

What a wonderful post to step away with. I've enjoyed your adventures and look forward to your return.

Green Resolutions said...

I haven't read many blogs lately and I've writen even less frequently. I too have many voices calling from different directions just now. But I'm so glad I checked in for this post because I will miss your posts. So glad you have good news about your father.


Daisy said...

My spandex leggings are in the wash, darn. I'll have to wear my clogs instead of the high heeled superheroine boots next time I check the rain barrel.


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