Sunday, June 7, 2009

Superhero Secrets

EnviRambo sending you some Sunday Link Love.

While cruising around the web this week I found a few things to add to my summer to do list:

One local summer challenge -  I found out about the 13 weeks of seasonal eating at Foodie Tots.  Perfect timing too, my Farmers Market opened this week.  I will definitely be participating in this one.

If you need help finding recipes to use all that local loot check out this custom google search:

My garden is already in, but I still want to add a few raised beds.  This post pushed me a little further towards that direction.  If parents to two toddlers can get it done, what is my hold up?  I have all summer alone.  I am running out of excuses not to do this.  Thanks Green Baby Guide for this nudging post on Ingenious Ideas for Thrifty Organic Gardening.

With an addition of the four-legged kind to our family, I now have the addition of its waste to deal with.  I already compost our food waste so why not compost pet waste?  In a separate area of course.  I found good how to information at  And step-by-step picture instructions here.

I just strung a hammock in the backyard and am looking forward to many lazy afternoons with a good book spent there.  This post at Culinate has me adding Deeply Rooted: Unconventional Farmers in the Age of Agribusiness to my summer reading list.

And finally, through the Menu for the Future discussion courses I have been participating in over the past eight weeks I heard of this wonderful non-profit in Milwaukee, WI led by Will Allen - Growing Power, Inc.

Growing Power Inc. Vision:

Inspiring communities to build sustainable food systems that are equitable and ecologically sound, creating a just world, one food-secure community at a time.

Move over Michael Pollan, I  have a new hero!  Be sure to check out A Good Food Manifesto for America.

What better way to spend the summer?


Green Bean said...

Hey! Love that new custom Google search. I just used it to figure out what to do with the plethora of very ripe berries in my fridge.

Deeply Rooted looks good too. Great links.

kale for sale said...

I saw the author of Deeply Rooted, Lisa Hamilton, speak a couple of weeks ago and the book is on my list too. She was not only intelligent but warm and seemed to be deeply rooted herself. Thanks for the new hero link too. I printed the manifesto to read on the bus ride home. The first sentence got me -- I am a farmer.

Colleen/FoodieTots said...

Glad you're joining One Local Summer! Will Allen's work is profiled in the movie FRESH, if you get a chance to see it. Very inspiring.


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