Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dear Green Blogosphere

The Conscious Shopper shares some link love.

Dear Green Blogosphere,

I know you haven't seen me around as much lately. You're used to spotting me late into the night, scrolling through green blog after green blog for tales of victory over an unhealthy planet. But lately, my mouse clicks have led me elsewhere. Yes, it's true. I've started a new online relationship...with the crafty bloggers.

How could I resist their creativity and resourcefulness? So much recycling, repurposing, and reconstructing! I was seduced by these men's shirts turned women's dresses...And these t-shirts turned sling bag...And if I had a daughter, this is definitely the dress I'd make for her...If only I could sew!

My kids and I have been plotting to put up this adorable summer pavilion, made from an old sheet and newspaper bunting. And we've already started working up a collection of our own handpainted little people.

But don't fret, Dear Green Blogosphere. As long as you keep reminding me that there's more to environmentalism than climate change and providing me with ways to introduce my children to the amazing outdoors, you will always hold the top place in my blogging heart.

Your friend,

The Conscious Shopper


Green Bean said...

Love the homemade telescope idea! I too sometimes get addicted to the crafty sites. Hey, reusing and repurposing is totally green! :)

The Mom said...

I love those ideas. Somehow I can't wrap my head around making a dress for my tiny little 4 year old from a shirt worn by my enormous 6'4 hubby. Maybe I'll try it anyway.

One thing I love to do with his old t shirts and polos, is to make napkins. The kids think its hysterical to wipe their faces on Daddy's shirt.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

@Green Bean - My favorite craft sites are the ones that put a green twist on it and do a lot of reusing. The sad thing is, I'm not all that crafty. I just like to look at the pictures and admire their amazing ideas.

@The Mom - Love the idea of using old shirts to make napkins. I'm sure my kids would find that hilarious too.

Tammy James said...

I have always been crafty and am becoming greener and am starting to feel the pull of up cycling and refashioning. Creativity and Green fit together so well!

Daisy said...

:) I envy those crafters who can take a simple scrap of cloth and reate something lovely! If only....well, I have other talents.

Carmen said...

It's just wonderful when the two come together!

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

@Tammy - You're absolutely right - creativity and green are perfect pairs.

@Daisy - I'm so with you. I try to be creative, but my projects never turn out the way I picture them in my mind. Thank goodness for other talents!

Carmen - So true!

Jennifer said...

Oh wow, if you're new to this whole re-purposed craftiness MUST go do a google search for "recycle old jeans." From quilts to purses to cell phone holders to just about anything. And the beauty is that you can make really cool bags and stuff without really needing to sew much, because you cut out parts of the jeans that already have pockets or zippers or whatever built in. It's WAY fun.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

@Jennifer - I have a fabulous jeans quilt that my my mom made me out of the jeans my siblings and I wore as kids. I love it! You're right - I should look for other ways to reuse jeans.


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