Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Secrets

JessTrev here with her recent readings and linklove...happy weekend to all!

Ooh la la! via ecofabulous, step by step directions for dashboard chocolate chip cookies (?!!) over at Planet Green.

Loved this piece from eco yogini with an ode to her divacup.

A magical tween girl reminiscence of being free and true to herself in nature by the indomitable doobleh-vay.

Nice ol' glossary of toxins from consumer reports

Easy method of cooking beans in the oven from growing curious.

How to upcycle baby clothes into doll clothes in the nick of time for those of you prepping for a homemade holiday (via catherine newman).

Boo! beyond pesticides reports that triclosan is hurting Flipper.

Mmmm grain salad recipes and good fats at culinate.

Awww - musings on loving (hating) walks in the woods and being badass at 50 by Laura from CenterDownHome

NRDC Switchboard on BPA madness in CA via SaferCans Facebook page

AND, a recent camp creek homeschooling (unschooling?) open thread that begins with this quotation: "

”That’s just how parents are,” Henry explained wisely as he ate the cheese off the top of his slice and wiped his greasy hand on his jeans. “They like to talk about how they used to do things or about how they plan to do things someday, but parents aren’t very good at right now.”Any Which Wall


Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

I saw a recipe the other day for making fruit leather on the dashboard of your car. I've been meaning to try it...And now I guess I'll have a pan of cookies to put next to it!

JessTrev said...

Erin - please do share the fruit leather recipe if it works well!

Green Bean said...

For the beans, just wondering why you'd bother doing the stove top then oven. I've tried stove top and then retained heat cooking but it was pretty half assed. Chile wrote a post later on retained heat cooking or "hay box cooking" that saves energy. I may still give that a try. Would love to give cooking on the dash board a try but it's not like my hips need any more chocolate chip cookies.

Erin, would love the fruit leather recipe or hear about you trying it. :)

Eco Yogini said...

hiya, thanks so much for linking me! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!

The deal with cooking the beans... I bring them to a boil in a stainless steel pot and then put them in the oven, pot and all. I also recently received a ceramic bean pot meant for cooking beans in the oven (like baked beans) so I meant to convey that you can't boil beans in a ceramic pot. You'd want to boil them in a metal pot and then transfer them to a ceramic pot if you have one of those.


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