Monday, July 20, 2009

You might be going green

Bleatings from EnviRambo.


You leave your shoes (and pesticides) at the door.

Your recycling center is in plain sight for all to see.

Peroxide replaces Clorox.

There is food growing in your home.

You have Bamboo-zled your way out of plastic cooking utensils.

Pyrex is your new Tupperware.

Your pantry is devoid of labels from buying in bulk.

Your microwave is unplugged.

Books on preserving food round out your cookbook collection.

Homemade shares the shelf with store bought.

Paper towels no longer live under your sink.

You use vinegar by the gallon.

Root Cellaring, Raising Poultry Successfully, and Home Energy Savings make an appearance on your book shelf.

Sewing machine, bread maker, and pressure canner top you gift wish list.

Your friends and family actually start giving you these things wrapped in reusable bags instead of wrapping paper.

You have to turn on the power strip before you can use anything.

Plants purify your air.

You use curtains to keep your house cool instead of the air conditioner.

You do not have carpet.

You do not even have enough plastic bags to fill the fancy holder for them.

You have a clothesline outside and in the basement.

You just might find a use for these one day.

There is a sea sponge, pumice stone, and safety razor hanging in your shower.

You have his and hers toothpastes.

Your towels and toilet paper are not as soft as they used to be.

The contents of your medicine cabinet belong in the kitchen.

You went from having a happy period to being a Diva!


Green Bean said...

LOL! So many of these things totally look like my house - especially the kitchen as I've been cleaning it out the last couple days.

Beany said...

Haha! This was hilarious (and true)! Except I have carpet in our rental.

Lisa Sharp said...

I can relate to most of these! haha Great post!

Eco Yogini said...

OMG- I am totally going green!! I wish I wish that we had room for a sewing machine and breadmaker... sigh.

My favourite- when friends come over and shout- 'Where are your tampons????????' and an emergency trip to the store is had- since I'm not really into sharing my DivaCup lol!

Eco Yogini said...

ps- actually, i've always thought it was a product of TV land that Americans kept their shoes on in their house....
but is that something that is actually DONE in the States?

must be us crazy Canadians, being all- take off your shoes when you enter the house. Cuz really, who wants to track dirt into the house?

Alison said...

***grin*** I need to do the power strip thing...also, a little white vinegar in the fabric softener slot may help your towels. I actually borrowed a towel a while back and when I gave it back to the owner, she asked how it got so soft! Although, I cannot honestly attest to if it helps line dried towels, because at our old house we were in an HOA and they did not allow clothes lines, so all the big stuff (like towels) went in the drier! (Can't wait to get a clothes line up at our new place!).

Condo Blues said...

During the summer my towels are soft because I put 2 tennis balls in the dryer instead of dryer sheets or fabric softner. Due to pollen allergies I line dry inside during the winter only.

PS: I love my breadmaker. It's the best wedding gift ever!

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

I had a big chuckle at your stack of egg cartons. This is all so true!

C said...

that's great! Thanks.

Kristin said...

LOL - fantastic post! I'm still transitioning to some of these things, since some are hard to come by in my town. Dh's lunch didn't fit into the lunch box last night, so he went to grab a plastic sack and realized how our once ginormous, over-flowing stash has now dwindled. I guess I'm going to have to give him one of our reusable grocery sacks or make him one now! :-) Btw, do you have a list of your favorite resource books?

Farmer's Daughter said...

Haha! That could have been my house except we don't have quite so many shoes. I wear only flip flops or hiking boots and it's work boots for hubby everyday.

The Mom said...

Looks like my house. The carpet is being replaced slowly with hardwood. The rest is remarkably similar.

One hint on the towels. If you leave them up overnight, the dew actually helps to soften them.

Daisy said...

Fabulous!! I love my breadmaker. Dehydrator tops my wish list because despite my mother's efforts and high school home ec, I simply don't sew.

Donna said...

Love it! I wish we were that far along. :)

greeen sheeep said...

@Eco Yogini - Sadly, it has been my experience that more Americans leave their shoes on then take them off. I know what you mean with the dirt. Did you see that pile on my rug? Who would want that in their house?

@Alison - I used to do the vinegar instead of fabric softener, but now I don't use anything at all. Everything is lined dried year round and then fluffed on air dry for ten minutes to soften it up, works great. My solution for the towel crunchiness was to replace them with bamboo. I have two bamboo towels that are always luxuriously soft, even when line dried.

@Erin - Yeah, that stack of egg cartons was destined for starting seeds this year - didn't happen. Know any farmers with an abundance of eggs and no place to put them?

@Kristin - Our plastic bag stash used to take up an entire closet. It was like an avalanche any time you opened it. I can't believe we're down to so few. There wouldn't be any if I didn't have a husband. Some of my favorite resource books are organic housekeeping by Ellen Sandback, green this! by Deirdre Imus and Healthy Child Healthy World by Christopher Gavigan. All of these have been and still are leading me down the green brick road.

@Farmer's Daughter - Embarrassingly those are all my shoes. (Or, I should say some of my shoes.) I'm the only one home for the summer, otherwise there would be even more.

@The Mom - That's a good tip on the towels. I will have to try that on my non-bamboo ones. Thanks!

@Daisy - Dehydrator and worm bin are about the only two things left on my list! Well, besides solar panels, geothermal, POS water heater, rain barrels, etc. etc.

Tammy said...

Oh what a great post! I can relate to many of these points you made. I remember the day we got rid of our microwave. The family was a little nervous...and we haven't missed it a day. :)

hillary said...

H! Love it! I lol at the vinegar by the gallon. We use it for everything!

Great post.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! You're house is so clean. Oh yeah, it's green. But it's so CLEAN! Will you come do mine next?

I wish we could replace the wall-to-wall carpet. It's ironic that Fake Plastic Fish lives in home full of synthetic carpet. But like Beany, we rent, so there's nothing we can do about it until we move.

The egg man at our farmers market takes back the egg cartons to reuse. Otherwise we'd probably have the same stack.

I laughed at the His and Hers toothpaste. We have the same situation, except it's two different brands of Tom's -- his with SLS and mine without.

Did you see Organic Mania's photo of her bathroom cabinet? I think we all ought to do something like this:

Jeff9 said...

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Going Crunchy said...

Love it! I have floor envy!

Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

love this post. i'm envious of your pantry and floors. gorgeous!


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