Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's All About the Kids

From the bean of Green Bean.

Photo courtesy of Sweet Eventide.

This week, Superheroes' Secrets is all about the kids.

The Grass Stain Guru touts the beauty of boredom. She argues that it is one of the greatest gifts we can give our kids as it encourages creativity, self reliance and problem solving skills.

FreeRangeKids is on the same page. Among other things, she presents the "Outrage of the Week: "Marshamallow Safety Tips." Check out her blog and pump your fist in memory of tree houses, skinned knees, and happy kids.

Wanna give the kids something to use in their creative journeys while avoiding toxic chemicals AND the landfill? No surprise that Green and Clean Mom has the inventive answer for reusing melamine tableware for kid friendly activities.

That's all well and good for indoors but what about getting your kids outside. Summer time is water balloon time. At least that's what my oldest hopes and dreams. Since going green, I'm loathe to break out those wasteful bits of plastic. Make It From Scratch offers a fun, reusable and creative solution to the water balloon battle. I plan to try it on the next hot weekend.

Looking for more DIY projects for the munchkins? Unplug Your Kids, a blog for TV free living, offers dozens of solutions. I'm digging these homemade "find it jars" and think I've finally found a place to put all the goody bag plasticacrap - in addition to foisting it off on my kids dentist!

And TodaysMama offers up 10 Eco Friendly Crafts for the kiddos. The mud brick house looks awesome if time consuming. It does, however, have the advantage of not filling my home with toilet paper rolls and empty bottles - waiting for the next arts and craft project (or "machine" as my youngest calls his creations).

And so you see, it's all about the kids . . . except, we all know that it's not all about the kids unless there is one strong, loving and determined parent making it so. Speaking of which, do you know a mom on a mission? Healthy Child Healthy World is looking to "honor one special and inspiring American woman dedicated to creating healthier and happier environments for children and families." If you know someone like that, check out the criteria an how to enter over at Healthy Child Healthy World and nominate your favorite mom.


balmeras said...

Thanks for including me in the post -- such a great round-up of folks. I am so encouraged by the work folks are doing and the voices that are being lent to carving out a place happy childhoods in today's society. I am such a huge fan of Lenore Skenazy (Free Range Kids), and am thrilled that she is keeping Free Range Kids & what she calls "sane parenting" on the front burner.
Cheers! - Bethe @balmeras

Jess said...

What a treat to see my photo here, representing one if my happiest afternoons with my son so far this summer. Great round up of links, can't wait to dig in!

Green Bean said...

Bethe: It is encouraging, isn't it, when you see so many people working on the same thing. Love it and love your blog! Happy to include.

Jess: It was just the perfect picture for this post!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for including Make it from Scratch! A wonderful collection of posts.


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