Sunday, August 16, 2009

Make Your Own Secrets

"The greenest thing you buy is the thing you don't buy." Or at least that's the hot topic over at Mother Nature Network. Check out Old Is the New Green to see how long greenies across the Web use things.

If the greenest thing is what we don't buy, how green are the things we make on our own? I'm thinking pretty green.

A Sonoma Garden offers up detailed instructions on how to make your own deodorant. I'm using up the last of my LUSH deodorant and then it's back to the drawing board on the deodorant. I'm thinking this homemade deodorant is on that drawing board.

Another DIY comes from the personal blog of our very own The Conscious Shopper. Want fresh Febreezy-scent without the synthetic chemicals? Try her recipe for all natural, eco-friendly air freshener.

What is greener DIY than when it comes to repurposing? Check out these "Franken Fixes" or DIY Gone Wild over at Mother Nature Network and never look at a soda bottle or power drill the same way again.

What about cutting costs and waste by making your own bagels? I've tried it and it was pretty fun if a little time consuming. Towards Sustainability, though, offers a quicker and easier way to make bagels using a bread machine.

Speaking of eating on the cheap, anyone checked out 30 Bucks a Week? It is a blog about a couple that aims to live on, well, thirty bucks a week. I assumed it would be all bargain Ritz crackers and Happy Meals but not so! These guys have a CSA, shop a coop and more.

Turns out, eating inexpensively is all about cooking from scratch - the way our grandmothers did. Here's a review of a delightful and informative cookbook circa WWII - The Victory Cookbook.

As I finish up this post, I'm feeling pretty happy. What's the reason? I'm headed out to the garden and, well, I just feel better out there. Is it the fresh air, the gentle breezes, the bountiful tomato plants or the buzzing bees? One study suggests it is none of those things but actually the dirt under my fingernails. This study finds that soil bacteria makes us feel better and may actually be the cure for depression. Another reason to get out there and grow something. (Thanks to tweet-buddy, BasilLeaf for pointing this study out to me.)

Happy Sunday.


Carla said...

you're headed out to the garden at 12:01 am..?!?! I hope the moon is shining where you are (pouring rain at that hour here...) :P

Green Bean said...

Carla: You busted me! But I've got to say that I LOVE Blogger scheduling. :)

Carla said...

ohhh - didn't even know about that option...
I can easily imagine you out in your garden at 12:01 am...on a nice can't sleep...need some of that 'dirt under your fingernails' therapy...wouldn't surprise me at all to find you out there in the middle of the night...

flowers said...

lol about the time busting!

I just want to thank you for your constant enthusiasm and all the great info you share and pass along.

I'm passing you the Kreative Blogger Award. Check out the details:

Tammy James said...

After a good dig in the garden I always feel refreshed and have often said playing in the dirt is very threapudic. I'm off to have a look at that study.

Daisy said...

No wonder I have so much fun working in the garden! It's the dirt under my nails! My kids always say "Mom's playing in the dirt again!"

kale for sale said...

I should get a pot of dirt for the office! What a great study. Thank you for posting about it. (I made the deodorant from A Sonoma Garden and she's right - it's terrific. Very easy.)

Green Bean said...

Carla: You know, heading out at midnight might not be a bad idea. Indeed, I've been known to do that to keep pests at bay. :)

Flowers: Thank you so much for the award!! We so appreciate it and have now put our thinking caps on as to whom to pass it along.

Tammy: Nice to know that there's some science behind how gardening makes us feel.

Daisy: LOL re mom playing in the dirt! Love it.


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