Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to School And Germs

The Green Phone Booth is delighted to welcome fellow Green Mom Carnival member, Karen from Best of Mother Earth, for a timely guest post on health and schools.


Ever think about them?

Ever think about them in relationship to back to school?

the doorknobs
the desks
the teachers desk
the pencils
the pens
the chairs
the computer key boards
the chalk
the eraser
the books
the drinking fountain
the lunch table
the lunch box
the milk carton
the cafeteria
the washroom
the gym
the locker room
the bus

need I go on ?

Everything mentioned above are items that are touched by EVERYONE over and over and over.

Would you agree that the germ factor in the school environment is HUGE?

As a wellness consultant I adore back to school for a variety of reasons. In my business I begin to hear from everyone again.

My mommy clients in particular totally come out of the woodwork - the phone rings with a different type of determination ---I NEED some vitamins!! My family is already starting to get sick.

Even as we get into the second week school related illness have begun.

"... the minute my kids get exposed,...." they say.

Breaks my heart

I have many a personal theory as to what is it about school that makes my child sick phenomenon

Perhaps it's the use of toxic chemicals in the classroom or around the school's property, some states thanks to the Green Schools Act are making strides to remedy that.

Perhaps it's because very little cleaning actually occurs in the classroom.

We additionally have horrific school lunch programs, high sugar consumption and stress, not to mention a shift to cooler weather.

All of these things contribute to reduced immune function. Reduced immune function equals sick

Oh and the germs. Lots and lots of germs.

I don't advocate germ hysteria or paranoia

Basic hand washing will get many of us very far.

I personally feel That anti-bacterial stuff is a bunch of hooey

I will say this ...

Consider a happy back to school gift for the teacher

Give them this handy dandy canister of non-toxic germ wipes.

They can use them to actually clean the door knobs and computer key boards or everything!

Best yet maybe the teacher would let you come in and do a daily " wipe ".

That way you know it's getting done!

It never hurts to take your vitamins too.

tell me that this isn't like the perfect flickr image to reflect this post - wow

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Farmer's Daughter said...

I would agree that very little cleaning gets done. Our cleaning crew sweeps and empties trash. Everything else that gets cleaned is done by me, and I know some teachers won't clean anything. I'm fortunate that our science rooms have tons of sinks so we can all wash our hands, but I admit I'm a horrible hand-washer. I don't get sick often, and in fact I think the fact I grew up on a farm with lots of animals and am not a hyper cleaner has built my immunity.

However, now that I'm pregnant, I will make more of an effort to wash my hands.

Green Bean said...

Like Abbie's, our school in hardly ever cleaned. Last year, the parents banded together to clean out the classrooms and fill in where the janitors missed out.

mother earth aka karen hanrahan said...

delighted to be here today - thanks ever so much for having me...i once piloted a green clean project in a school, we tracked the usage per classroom and the school nurse noticed that those who cleaned had reduction in absences. Kindof a no brainer.

Daisy said...

(Gulp) I face those germs five days a week - in my workplace. I'm a public school teacher. I encourage handwashing, I refuse to share pencils or pens or other implements (I keep mine separate), and I really work to stay well. Sometimes, however, it can't be helped.

CJStewart said...

One of the reasons I'm very glad I homeschool. This is also one of the reasons that my non-homeschooling friends are glad that I make hand wash from essential oils. ;-)

inadvertent farmer said...

Old fashioned soap and water here...oh yeah and homeschooling! Kim

knittingwoman said...

i like products that can go on rather than wipes. Wipes produce a pile of garbage. Paper towels can be made of 100% post consumer paper and they can be composted. Shaklee must make some kind of spray on stuff as well. And for handwashing, not turning off the taps with your hands afterwards is an essential step that gets skipped far too often.

mother earth aka karen hanrahan said...

They do make a spray germicide and it's superb. That's what I prefer to use myself. Like you the wipes seem to produce garbage. Some folks prefer the wipes. Nice to have the optio.


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