Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Autumn, and I'm cleaning "house"

In which Truffula is just a little bit out-of-step, but doing her darndest to live with the seasons...

"Autumn cleaning" just doesn't have the same ring as it does for the Spring.  And often, what you clean is a house...  But, this week found us at our CSA, helping to clean out a not a house, but a barn.  While that did trouble some of the muscles I used for sweeping, it didn't faze me one bit otherwise.  I was in cleaning mode already, only I was cleaning neither house (nor barn!): the object of my affections and afflictions has been none other than my calendar.

Of course, that would be calendars - plural - namely, the personal one I carry around in my bag, the family calendar on the kitchen wall, the online calendars, and the scraps of paper on which I've jotted Very Important Things and then left in Very Unsafe Places around the house.

About a month ago, those many calendar squares staged a revolt.  Right, the ones in which you can't fit another commitment if you tried, and believe me, I have tried.  They said: Enough!  I've managed to simplify a number of aspects of my life, but simplifying my time... that has simply eluded me.  For days.  Months.  To be perfectly honest, years.  I suddenly realized that I simply couldn't do it anymore.

Thankfully, I had already set some of the simplification machinery in motion regarding one significant responsibility which it was time to release.  (We won't mention that my original goal for completing this had been the Summer Solstice.  The upcoming Autumn Equinox will do splendidly as well, won't it?)

Unthankfully, this was but the obvious elephant in the room.  More difficult were -- and are -- the myriad other, smaller activities which consume even more time and energy when taken collectively.  The tremendous assortment of things to do in our area is both a blessing, and a curse.  Oh, the fabulous volunteer opportunities!  And the many super-cool classes for the children!  Ah, a fun festival - we could shoehorn it in between our CSA pickup and an evening concert!  Or, what about this presentation to attend, never mind that it's on my only free evening that week!

I wish I could report that my calendars are now fewer, and that their squares are a sea of uncommitted white.  They are not.  I am, however, making more from less.  For example, the TruffulaBoyz and I have an upcoming afternoon scheduled for a visit with a friend I haven't seen in months. We moms will catch up with a chat of in-breath, while the children enjoy an out-breath of creek exploration.  I will not try to combine the trip there and back with any other stops!

In celebrating my baby steps, I'm especially proud of my square for tomorrow: it's got one item in it... because after lots of deliberation, I turned the other item down.  I could have done both, rushing from the first to come late to the second, and spending yet another afternoon and evening out and about.  My calendar square said, "Enough."  Thus, expect to find me at home, savoring my sewing!  Finally!

And that's the news from Truffula-land, where the days are shortening, I'm looking inward, and my calendars are just a little bit cleaner.


Green Bean said...

I see I'm not the only one who tends to overbook. I'm doing a MUCH better job this year but it's hard as opportunities continue to pile up.

Daisy said...

So many opportunities, so little time.Saving time for yourself is a good thing.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

Sounds like you live in a great community - a blessing and a scheduling boon. It's too bad we can't always do everything.


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