Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Sound of Silence

From the bean of Green Bean.

Photo courtesy of Sweet Eventide.

Today is Tuesday. The first day of fall and my day to post. But I don't have much to say today. You see, I am too busy listening.

Listening to the tired tick of the timer as apple crisp bakes in the oven;

To the determined buzz of bees in the last blossoms of summer;

To the peppered questions of a four year old learning to sew;

And to the meticulous reading of a six year old.

To the chortle of jam jars bubbling on the stove;

To the swish of a paint brush turning the finished chicken coop barn red;

To the gossip of the busy squirrel in the tree overhead;

And to the quiet click of knitting needles making the first handmade gift for the holidays.

I apologize, dear reader, for leaving you with the sound of silence. Sometimes, though, I find it better to listen than to speak. What are you be listening to?


The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

After a long weekend road trip of seeing (capturing images in photos) and doing (biking, building, laughing), I will be listening to the washing machine! I may also take a stroll on the shore and listen to the waves and the birds.

greeen sheeep said...

You got chickens? I'm so jealous!

kale for sale said...

Beautiful. I could hear it all above the sound of cable cars ringing their bells below me.

Green Bean said...

4 Bushel: Ahh, a long weekend will do that do you.

Sheeep: Did I say I was listening to the peeps of small, fuzzy chicks or the clucks of pullets? Nope. Just readying the coop. We're getting chickens in a few weeks. :) Couldn't be more excited!

Kale: Sounds like you are doing a bit of listening too!


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