Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Are You an Effective Green Missionary? Take the Quiz and Find Out!

A quiz from the Conscious Shopper for this month's APLS Carnival. Read more about "proselytizing green" on October 19 at the Greenhabilitator's personal blog, Greenhab.

Taking a hint from girlie magazines, I've prepared a little quiz to help you figure out what kind of green missionary you are. Good luck!

Take the Quiz

1. After reading Fast Food Nation, you've decided to stop eating at fast food restaurants. The next time you see your co-worker eating a Big Mac, you:

a) tell her, "That is so disgusting! How can you eat that!"

b) don't say anything then, but later you tell her, "I read an awesome book called Fast Food Nation. Would you like to borrow it sometime?"

c) pat yourself on the back for making smart choices about your health and the health of the planet.

2. You started riding your bike around town and loved it so much, you've decided to give up your car. You:

a) make your friends feel guilty for having a car every chance you get.

b) ask a friend if he wants to go on a bike ride with you this weekend.

c) notice how much healthier you feel and think how great it would if more people would give up their cars.

3. You visit a friend in a different city and quickly notice that it's a lighter shade of green than your own city. You:

a) say to your friend, "These people are idiots! Where I'm from, we..."

b) help your friend brainstorm ways to make his city greener.

c) are relieved when you finally get back home to your recycling bins and good public transportation.

4. You're invited to a friend's house for an afternoon barbecue. When you see the stack of paper plates and plastic eating utensils, you:

a) reprimand your host for being wasteful and demand that she replace the paper and plastic with her regular dinner dishes.

b) pull out your wrap-n-mat and to-go ware, leading to lots of questions, which you pleasantly answer.

c) accept the paper and plastic to avoid hurting your host's feelings but go home with a healthy serving of eco-guilt.

5. You attend a local showing of Food, Inc. over the weekend. On Monday, a co-worker asks what you did that weekend. You:

a) describe every detail of the movie and get so into your explanation that you don't notice your co-worker's eyes glazing over.

b) tell her you went to an interesting documentary about where our food comes from and ask if she'd like to go see it with you next weekend.

c) tell her, "Nothing much," because you don't want to be labeled the eco-freak in the office.

6. After your five-year-old starts kindergarten, you discover that his school doesn't have a recycling program in place. You:

a) write a long and detailed letter to the principal, your child's teacher, and the PTA reprimanding them for their wasteful behavior.

b) contact the PTA and offer to head up a recycling program.

c) pack a waste-free lunch for your child and hope that other parents will start doing the same.

7. One of your friends doesn't believe in man-made climate change and tries to argue with you about it whenever he can. You:

a) engage in a heated discussion with him on Facebook.

b) remind your friend that there are many reasons to live an eco-friendly life even if we're wrong about climate change, and then respectfully agree not to talk about that subject anymore.

c) decide to end that friendship.

Calculate Your Score
  • For each question that you answered (a), give yourself 1 point.
  • For each question that you answered (b), give yourself 2 points.
  • For each question that you answered (c), give yourself 3 points.

What kind of green missionary are you?

If you scored between 7 and 9 points, you are a Green Zealot. You are committed to living a green lifestyle, but your aggressive and sometimes judgmental attitude can be a turn-off. Lighten up a little, and you'll convince more people to go green.

If you scored between 10 and 16 points, you are EnviroBalanced. When the situation calls for it, you're not afraid to stand out, but you try not to be too pushy. Keep being a green example and showing your friends the benefit of living an earth-friendly lifestyle, and pretty soon you'll be surrounded by greenies.

If you scored between 17 and 21 points, you are Eco Shy. You feel good about the green choices you've made, but you don't like to stir the pot or attract attention to yourself. Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone now and then, and you'll see more success in spreading the green message.


Green Bean said...

Hmm, I scored as EnviroBalanced. Thank goodness. Happy to see, lately, lots of friends trying new things - giving up paper towels, preserving food, gardening, as a result of my less in your face environmentalism. Fun quiz.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

I try to be EnviroBalanced, but I have to admit that sometimes I'm more EcoShy. I hate confrontation! But I'm working on being more brave.

Eco Yogini said...

haha I am EnviroBalanced- although I would have written a letter to the PTA..... LOL.

fun fun :)

Beany said...

I'm Eco Shy. I'm still too thin skinned to take even good natured ribbing from friends so I avoid anything that draws attention to myself. I'm working on advocacy so I'm trying to be envirobalanced. Baby steps, baby steps.

Anonymous said...

This was awesome - great job! I too am "EnviroBalanced". I try to lead by example and find that others are more open to change when they don't feel I'm standing over them with a whip.

Steph @ Greening Families said...

Fabulous post! You nailed the tone of all the women's magazine quizzes perfectly!

Lisa Sharp said...

This is awesome! I got EnviroBalanced yay! :)


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