Thursday, October 29, 2009

Getting Trashed on Halloween

From the bean of Green Bean.

"What have we got in there?" I ask my youngest as he paws through a shoe box full of salvaged treasures. Bottle caps - metal and plastic, twist ties, string, molded plastic packaging, a scratched CD. Some of this is ours. Some was left behind by visitors to our home. And still other items were found on the street outside our home. Much of it is trash, not recyclable anywhere.

"This is super cool, like a shooter." He holds up the empty shell of his asthma inhaler and demonstrates how such a shooter might work. "Yup," I nod. "A shooter. Do you think that this guy needs a shooter?" I gesture, with my glue gun, to the box - glimmering silver with spray paint obtained from Freecycle.

We're building his Halloween costume - an amalgamation of trash with a few recyclables thrown in for effect. A robot. A super cool "trash eating robot" with, of course, "a shooter." I'm pretty sure every robot needs a shooter.

My six year old's costume is already complete. He's a Recycle-Bat. Okay, that's what I call it but my son calls it a vampire bat. It's made of an old hoodie sweatshirt and a broken black umbrella from Freecycle. (You really can get anything you want off of Freecycle!)

I suppose we could have trotted down to the local toy store and shelled out $40 for a new Halloween costume, neatly wrapped in plastic and guaranteed not to rip for a day or so. I suppose that could have been fun.

But not as much fun as poring through websites for ideas. As peeking in the recycle bin and emerging with the "O" of excitement when we'd found just the right robot eyes. As debating bat-ear placement. As sewing and glue-gunning together the treasures we'd collected. As inventing a recycle-bat or a trash eating robot with shooters.

No, not as much fun as that.

Happy Halloween!


Eco Yogini said...

very cool! they are both so cute :)

we have a broken umbrella......

Kelly said... lovin little Mr bat!

jimmycrackedcorn said...

Awesome costumes! Beware though. I was that robot costume once and upon descending some stairs at school the back bottom edge of my "body box" caught on a step. My balance tipped off and luckily (I think) I fell backwards. Upon "landing," my box spanned 3 stairs and I proceeded to slide down the entire flight. Can you picture it?

Mindful Momma said...

I love it! I wish my boys were into being creative with their costumes but they aren't at all. Fortunately they want to be the same thing they were last year - which makes it easy on me. Only now I think we're going to have to add face masks to their costumes because they both have the flu. How can you keep a child from going trick or treating??

Mindful Momma said...

Just kidding about the face mask by the way. I won't let me kids go out if they are sick.

Daisy said...

Much, much more fun!

The Raven said...


Donna said...

That robot costume looks fantastic! I lucked out this year as my 4yo decided to be a Workman, which means he'll be wearing what he wears about every other day, but with a tool belt added to the outfit.

Melinda said...

Awesome - what fun!

Green Bean said...

Eco Yogini: I feel a bat in your future!

Kelly: Thank you!

Jimmy: That's too funny! Watching my son in the school parade costume today, I could totally envision something like that happening.

Mindful Momma: Noooo!! Not sick on Halloween!! I know you were kidding but seriously, it is outside, less likelihood of germs spreading . . . Hope they feel better.

Daisy, Raven and Melinda: Thank you, ladies!

Donna: You lucky dog! He was that last year too, right? Or was it a fire man?

Donna said...

Fireman for the last two years. You have a good memory.

ecofriendlyhalloweenlover said...

very cute ideas! i found this really great ideas for eco-friendly halloweens at

Zach said...

Awesome idea... I love it!

Kellie said...

Love love love it!

And I think we need a challenge where we turn the kids candy wrappers into a costume for the following year. Oh oh! They can be Candy "Rappers". AAAAhahahaha, I kill myself.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm so sorry this comment is off topic. (We generally go out on Halloween and try to just avoid the whole thing if possible. Bah humbug.)

Anyway, I was wondering if any of the caped wonders had interesting posts about unusual uses for baking soda that I could add to my roundup on BlogHer this week. I already plant to link to the post about dish washer soap, but I was wondering if there were any others.



Green Bean said...

Donna: It was only because I was jealous that you got to skip the costume agony. ;-)

Ecofriendly: Thanks for the link!

Zach: Thank you!

Kellie: Ha! You crack me up too!

Beth: Thank you for thinking of us! I'm pretty sure we don't have anything, though, other than the dishwashing soap which is washing soda. Great idea for a post. Look forward to reading it. :)


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