Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Great Apple Diet?

From the bean of Green Bean.

There's been a lot of news lately about Climate Change. Some of it is good (kind of sort of if you're squinting and crossing your fingers really hard. Apparently, we still have a 50/50 chance of not wiping out our entire species. Woohoo! Some of it is not as good. Twenty-five of our most beautiful, most celebrated National Parks are in grave danger due to Climate Change. Many of my favorites were on this list.

What's a girl to do when faced with news like that?

Go on a diet.

Only its not the kind of diet you think. I'm thinking of The Great American Apparel Diet. It began with 18 women vowing not to buy anything new for 1 year. There's no counting calories but you do have to exercise plenty of your restraint and imagination. Are you up for the challenge? The rules look pretty straightforward . I just might be ready to take the plunge.

Reinventing your wardrobe is just one way to get creative in the reuse category. The awesome looking magazine Green Craft (found via Green Moms Carnival buddy Mindful Momma) looks to have loads more ideas. Now if I can just get my hands on a copy!

Thats not the only really interesting-looking (yes, I've not seen this one in person either) magazine to pop up. How cool does Urban Farmer (found via Garden Rant) look. Me really really want a copy!

Speaking of urban farming, my garden isn't much to look at though, these days. The tomatoes are mostly dead as are the pumpkin vines. I pulled out the watermelon already and its down right spooky out there. Perhaps its time for a Garden Graveyard just in time to scare off the trick or treaters because I haven't gotten around to getting them their fair trade, organic chocolate yet.

This talk of chocolate reminds me that I really want to make this instant hot cocoa recipe from Towards Sustainability. I haven't done that yet but I have baked every recipe under the sun that relates to apples this past month. These are the best apple recipes I've tried. My Baking Addiction featured the absolute best Apple Bar recipe (a variation of the one from All Recipes). I doubled the recipe and left off the cream cheese frosting. Totally fat free I'm guessing, without all that frosting. Shhh. Don't tell me otherwise! I just finished the last bar.

I was equally smitten with the recipe for Jewish Apple Cake from the Smitten Kitchen. So superb it didn't last a day in my house. Her Whole Wheat Apple Muffins weren't too shabby either. Oh, gotta run. That oven timer is beeping.

Happy fall!


Farmer's Daughter said...

I'm in for an apple diet! Today I'm canning apple cider jelly, which is easy because there's no peeling or straining, you just start with cider. I've also got my eye on making a French apple tart that I just saw on TV. I have a feeling my kitchen will smell very appley today!

Daisy said...

Nothing new in clothing...I like the thrift stores and consignment shops. If it's only new to me, not truly new, I can do that, right?

Truffula Mama said...

We're awash in apples ourselves! The TruffulaBoyz went apple pickin' and grossly miscalculated the ginormous size of the containers they were using... We've (re)discovered how easy it is to make awesome applesauce, and how to can it. We're looking forward to savoring the apple-y goodness of these fall days in mid-winter!

ruchi said...

Best of luck on your non-consumer diet!! I won't be joining you this time, but I do believe it will change you forever.

Green Fundraising Ideas said...

Hmmm...whole wheat apple muffins. Those sound yummy! Best of luck on your diet of non-buying! does that include coffee at overpriced coffee houses...that makes me happy!


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