Sunday, October 25, 2009

Superhero Secrets

Some link love from the Conscious Shopper.

My computer is having issues, and my personal Geek Squad (my husband) is spending the weekend at Google. So I just have a few links to share today:

An article in the Washington Post proves that fast food made at home is cheaper, yummier, and healthier. (Including recipes to fake out the fast food lovers in your family.)

I love, love, love these Granny Square slippers from the Purl Bee. I think I've settled on these for my handmade Christmas gifts (don't read this, family).

Have a bunch of old t-shirts lying around? Rip them into strips and use them to weave...anything! Including these pillows from Alpha Mom.

And now for a delicious looking recipe: biscotti and lots of variations from Quirky Momma.

Or if you're looking for something healthier, here's a huge collection of recipes for using vegetables from asparagus to zucchini.

I'm typing this on my iPhone, crossing my fingers that it works, and looking forward to my husband getting home tonight (and not just so he can fix my computer)!


Green Bean said...

Love the Washington Post re fast food. My kids are little so we're not yet at the point where they prefer fast food. I was delighted, though, a couple weeks ago when someone fed them Taco Bell. Ever since, they have gone on and on about how gross it was. Score one for mom's bean burritos!

And typing this on your iPhone? Above and beyond, girl!

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

Wow...I need to try one of your burritos!

panamamama said...

Love this! I have a ton of shirts that have bad stains I never knew what to do with. Thanks!

Rachel said...

Love your collection of recipes! The stain solution was my favorite too! My kids made a massive mess with paint today! Super timely!


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