Saturday, October 17, 2009

The things I do with 5 minutes of time to myself.

The Greehabilitator reveals her slightly neurotic side...

I'm beat.

Between Blog Action Day, organizing the October APLS Carnival, and trying to get a glue stick recycling program in place at the kids school, I've used all of my available brain cells this week.

I wish I had something insightful and motivational for you but, because I like to poke fun at myself from time to time, I bring you this instead:

The Amazing 100% Repurposed Super Scrubby!

I'm so completely rad sometimes.

I've been trying for awhile to get used to hand knit dish scrubbers and a bamboo pot scraper, but my faithful Scotch-Brite keeps weaseling his way back into my kitchen sink. Darn him!

So I was searching for something under the sink the other day and ran across a few of those mesh bag things that potatoes come in. I have three of them that I've been saving forever since they can't be recycled. The light bulb went on. It was actually like a really cool movie with flashes of mesh bag to rag pile to soap ends.

Ding, ding, ding! With 5 whole minutes left before I had to pick the kids up from school I rushed to the sewing machine with the mesh bag and a shirt my daughter had accidentally cut a huge whole in several months ago.

After a few quick turns on the sewing machine I grabbed the bowl of soap bits I'd been planning to grate for laundry soap. This was going to be so much better.

Throw a few soap bits into the scrubbie...

...and you have 100% repurposed dish washing bliss.

I excitedly told this story to my husband, while washing our pot from dinner and showing him how amazing my invention truly was. It was kind of infomercial-esque.

His reply?

"Wow babe. You are.......something else."

I think he's jealous of my innovative genius and superior crafting skills. Or....he's wondering why he married such weirdo.


The Raven said...

Fantastic! For the last two years, we've been using potato bags as well--but nothing as snazzy as what you've concocted. We just scrub with them and find they rinse out well and last about a year.

Tameson said...

Crocheted potato/onion bags make just as good as scotch brite scrubbie too. Also, when your girls rip their tutus or frilly party dresses, yo can repurpose the tulle into scrubby washcloths as well. Some are soft enough to use on your body instead of a luffa too.

Green Bean said...

Aren't you all a bunch of smarties!! Love it.

Kellie said...

Hooray, I'm not the only crazy out there! Er, I mean...innovator... that's it. Thanks for the tips ladies!

Eco Yogini said...

seriously- TRES COOL.

awesome job. :)

Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

I just knitted myself a sponge but you just blew my creation out of the water! I need to learn how to sew again. I have 2 machines and im running out of excuse's. You inspire me!

kale for sale said...

LOL. I want my husband to think he married a weirdo too. I mean an innovator. Thanks for the inspiration to make every minute count. And the laugh.

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

i use those plastic mesh bags that onions/garlic/potatoes etc come in too. i just cut them up and wrap them around my normal sponge when need be. sometimes i use them on their own, like when cleaning my cast iron, since i'm not supposed to use soap on that.

Sadraki said...

Good idea! Those also work well for body scrubs on feet particularly. If you get dry dirt summer feet from gardening try using your new creation and you'll get soft clean feet instead. I learned that trick from my host family in west Africa.


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