Sunday, November 22, 2009

Superhero Secrets: Just for fun and not for Thanksgiving

Link love from The Conscious Shopper

Since Thanksgiving is coming up next week, I thought about making this a Thanksgiving-themed Superhero Secrets...But that would require finding interesting Thanksgiving-themed posts to share, and my lazy side won out. So instead, I'm just going to list some posts that I enjoyed reading this week with no theme whatsoever and hope that you enjoy them as well.

:: Planet Green has a list of 50 ways to never waste food again. Many of these I already do, but some were new to me...including this idea for pickling watermelon rinds via The Bitten Word. I would never in a million years have thought of pickling a watermelon rind, but I am so doing it next year.

:: Peppermags found some beautiful necklaces with beads made from magazines - and purchasing them feeds children in Uganda. Score. and. score.

:: Also via Peppermags, I discovered Marco Suarez' beautiful artwork and promptly emailed my husband that he should add it to his "things Erin wouldn't mind having" file.

:: Imagine Childhood explains how to make models of mushrooms out of marzipan. The mushroom idea is cool (and as always, the pictures at Imagine Childhood are gorgeous), but mostly I like the idea of using marzipan as playdough. Because then you can eat it!!! (Full disclosure: I ate my fair share of flour and salt dough as a kid. Doesn't marzipan sound so much better?)

:: And because it's Thanksgiving, I'm going to throw in a recipe for good measure...I tried out this Savory Bread Pudding with Butternut Squash, Chard, and Cheddar from A Veggie Venture, only I used sweet potatoes instead of squash. Super yummy, and I think it would be the perfect main dish for a vegetarian Thanksgiving. But this year, this vegetarian is having the extended family over for the first time, so I ordered a free range turkey. Fingers crossed that we can cook it!

(When I told my dad that I had ordered a free range turkey, he said, "Like open range? Like you're going out to shoot your own turkey?" Um, do know who you're talking to, right?)

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Green Bean said...

Ohhh, that bread pudding recipe looks REALLY good.


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