Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Caped Carnivore

From the bean of Green Bean.

A month or so ago, the Internet buzzed with discussions about whether true environmentalists ate meat (and other animal products) and, if they did, what kind. While everyone is in the midst of the holiday rush, I'm still thinking about what to put on the holiday table. I'm a vegetarian but do I leave out the dairy? The eggs? Or by buying sustainably am I green as gold?

Check out the links below and decide for yourself.

  • If you've not yet read Nicolette Niman's Carnivore's Dilemma - the NYT OpEd - that argues it is possible to eat meat and be an environmentalist, you should.
  • Looking for tasty meat-free (and even dairy free) recipes? Look no further than the sumptuous and seasonal fresh365 - recipes and pictures to live for.


JAM said...

Are those your babies? They are getting so big!!!

Another book to add to that list would be The Way We Eat, Why Our Food Choice Matter by Peter Singer and Jim Mason which Heather reviewed here
at the Blogging Bookworm. Sorry I don't know how to insert nice links in comments. I'm halfway through this book and I think it's excellent.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

I recently started eating a very tiny amount of meat again after twelve years as a vegetarian. I have a post in the works about it but have kind of been dreading writing it because of possible backlash. Meat-eating (or no meat-eating) is definitely a subject people get passionate about

Green Bean said...

JAM: Yes, those are my babies - two weeks ago or so. The big girls are 8 weeks old now. The two little ones are, sigh, bantams (the feed store didn't tell me that) and double triple sigh, roosters. :( I'll check out that book. I did see Heather's review and it sounds great.

Erin: That's interesting that you've started eating meat again. I'm a lifelong vegetarian - meaning I've never eaten meat. So I feel strange talking about how to do it responsibly beyond giving links like this. I think posts like the one you plan are important.

Pure Mothers said...

I ate my last hamburger and hot dog on the 4th of July 1992. At 23 I got grossed out by what I was eating then started doing some research. Being an animal lover I decided I couldn't eat what I couldn't kill, myself. Later I added fish and chicken back into my diet. Learning more in the nutrition filed I realized I wouldn't get B12 without eating some meat. Meat of choice became animals that don't nurse their young - but not water fowl, only poultry. Again, if I couldn't kill it, I had no right to eat it, I thought. So fish, chicken and turkey are all I eat.

I loved the Carnivore's Dilemma! Thanks for posting. What an eye opener. It makes sense that factory farming is the culprit - not smaller organic farms. If more people would just give up one meat meal per week and consume meat from organic farms our CO2 emissions would drop.

Thanks for the post. I need to read your other links now!

Beany said...

Thanks for the fresh365 link. So yummy! I want to eat my monitor now.

I've always been a flexitarian. I still eat meat maybe once every few months. In small doses and from ethical sources. I think the crux of the matter is definitely the western diet and thus factory farming and not necessarily eating meat eating per say.


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