Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Celebrating with the Conscious Shopper

A little glimpse into our handmade holiday...

Salt dough ornament making for the boys' friends

Potato stamp Christmas cards

Holiday cookies in thrift store tins

A string of popcorn and craisins to add color to the tree

Homemade quick breads for teachers - (does anyone know of a way to deliver quick breads without using plastic wrap?)

New aprons for the boys

And new capes (both made from fabric scraps on my thrifted sewing machine)

Happy Holidays to you all!


angela jiniel said...

I've had some luck with paper lunch bags and bread in the past, as long as it doesn't sit in there for too long, they're usually just fine.

Green Bean said...

I love the capes. This year, I'm making knitted light sabers. Next year, jedi capes! And don't ever ever ever buy new tins when you can get them for pennies at the thrift store. Merry Xmas.

Kellie said...

That's it - I'm coming to live with you! What fun!

Karen Moser-Booth said...

Love it! Great post, Erin. I especially like the aprons. :)

Green Me Alison said...

Next year I pledge to be more organized! I got around to making jam for gifts, but I am super bummed that I never got around to getting my sewing machine fixed! The potato stamp cards also look awesome! I think I am going to have to set a reminder to check this post again next Nov. 1st!

Daisy said...

Quick breads for the teachers - great idea! Would a wax paper bag do the trick? Not recyclable, but compostable.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

@Daisy - After doing the cookies in the tins with wax paper, I was thinking of trying the quick breads the same way next year. Do you know what the waxy part on wax paper is? I've never thought to look that up before. Also aluminum foil would work but it wouldn't look quite as pretty as plastic wrap because you wouldn't be able to see the breads. I like doing quick breads though because they're not as dessert-like as cookies.


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