Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Eco Elves

From the bean of Green Bean.

'Tis the season. Cookies baking. Christmas carols playing. Fists flying . . . over the recycling bin contents.

That's right. Here at Green Bean's workshop we keep our elves busy. Well, the alternative is that they otherwise construct things like swings made out of last year's holiday ribbon and loop them over a plant hook in the ceiling. It is reusing, but I digress.

Years ago, our holiday craft box consisted of Foamies and stickers from the chain craft store. No more. Indeed, we no longer have a holiday craft box. Unless you count the giant bag of red, green and white pom poms that mom scored at the thrift store.

Now we have something called imagination . . . and trash. Check out what has kept my eco elves out of the hospital thus far this holiday season:

A gingerbread castle created from a cardboard box. Some flexible foamy thing that came in the mail as packaging was transformed into snow and icicles. An old bamboo stick from the garden hoists Santa and his team of alien reindeer into the sky. Oh, and tape. Not exactly green but sometimes necessary.

Ever seen those tags on plush animals stating that the toy is made from all new material? Well, this snowman is made from no new material.

I knew I hung on to the mesh bag that my seed potatoes came in for something! As I never got around to converting into a sponge scrubby, a stuffed snowman is the next best thing. He's filled with stuffing from a cushion we saved from a couch that could not be saved. (That cushion has stuffed nearly all of my homemade holiday gifts this year!). A few vintage buttons, some googly eyes pried from an old art project and topped off with a bottle cap hat? Good as Frosty.

We made a similar snowman out of a sock but he's in the toy hospital, waiting to be resewn, and not suitable for photographing right now. ;-)

What would Christmas be without wreathes and who would waste money buying a wreath form when you can cut one out of a cardboard box? Glue some vintage buttons from mom's button collection on there with, sigh, some new googly eyes, and Merrrry Christmas.

Of course, we've still got 17 more days til Christmas. Not to worry. This eco elfette has a few more ho ho ho's up her sleeve.
What's next? The sky's the limit. Or at least the garbage can.


Eco Yogini said...

I HEART the snowman!!!! what a fun idea!
hmmmm so inspiring :)

panamamama said...

Lovin' it! My elves are the same- yesterday smallest elf made a boat (not exactly Christmasy I know) complete with oars! I'm going to watch the gift unwrapping closer this year to get all the goodies.

ruchi said...

Sigh. Green Bean is teh awesome.

greeen sheeep said...

I love the 6-pack snowflake! Next event I have with a winter theme is totally getting that treatment. Actually, all the links were great. I think my aluminum tree deserves some recycled ornaments. Fitting don't you think?

Green Bean said...

Yogini: Ah, thank you. I'll admit that I love him too. :)

Panamama: Love the boat with oars! We made a truck out of tissue boxes and a road out of packing paper. Also not Christmasy but it did occupy the afternoon.

Ruchi: You do realize that I mostly do it to preserve sanity.

Sheeep: Dude, you could TOTALLY pull off the 6 pack snowflakes.

Condo Blues said...

I love the snowman. I saw some white felt in the craft store the other day which gave me the idea to make a cluster of snow people for my front porch out of thrifted sweaters.

Donna said...

Love it! At our house, we didn't do much crafting this evening. It was too much fun watching Daddy try to thaw out our frozen pipes.

Billie said...

We are not getting our kids many toys for Christmas this year. Why? We discovered they are much like our cats. They prefer to dig through our recycling box for things to play with or re-purpose things like our rice bags for warming the bed into toys. As a result, the toys from the store tend to stay in the toybox much like store bought cat toys lie on the floor neglected.

This year we are springing for two large 'toys' - a Wii that the whole family and use and the entire 4 seasons of Fraggle Rock because they love to watch movies. That is basically it. There won't be many boxes under the tree but the toys will be not neglected like they have in past years.

Green Bean said...

Lisa: Ohh, love the thrifted sweater idea.

Donna: Hey, that's totally good fun too!

Billie: We feel the same way. In fact, we did a major clean out and got rid of/packed up many of the kids toys.


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