Monday, December 21, 2009

Semi-homemade Christmas

Bleatings from EnviRambo.

I am not nearly as skilled as Green Bean (or as ambitious), but there will be one homemade gift under our tree this year - well, semi-homemade that is. Among the articles of my 13-year old's Christmas list is a new comforter cover. Specifically, a cover with a pocket for holding books and iPods that comes from PB Teen and costs $99.00. It is a nice comforter cover and I can see why she would want it. She has had the same floral and plaid comforter for the past decade. It clashes with everything in her room and is sooo not cool. That being said, the comforter she has is perfectly fine and does not cost $100. However, I understand a teen's need to express themselves as individuals and distance themselves from their childhood.

A little inspiration and a free afternoon was all it took to give her what she wants without breaking the bank. I purchased two basic sheet sets from Target and broke out my barely used sewing machine. Using the top sheets only, I laid her old comforter on top of one to make sure the size would work. Yep, good to go. Switching the sheet to the top of the comforter I planned out the pocket placement.

I wanted a pocket large enough to hold a magazine (for those Pottery Barn ones she lusts over) with an additional pocket to slip her iPod into. The pillowcase that came with the sheet set worked perfectly. I deconstructed the pillowcase to fashion two large and two small pockets. With the pocket size and placement figured out, I pinned two pockets (one large, one small) opposite each other on the right-side (top) of the sheet and sewed into place. I chose to place a pocket on either side of the sheet so no matter where she moved the bed in her room she would always have access to one of them. Today her bed butts up against one wall, tomorrow it may move to the opposite side of the room, and next week it could show up in the middle. You never know.

With the pockets on, it was time to assemble the cover. One more time I moved the sheet under the comforter with the pocket-side facing up. One top sheet, comforter, second top sheet (with the right-side facing the comforter). Before pinning the sheets together I folded the top edges over each other to encapsulate the comforter. This edge will remain open so the cover can be removed for laundering.

After pinning the three sides, I removed the comforter and sewed the three edges together. Time to test it out! Inserting the comforter while turning the cover right-side out was a breeze. I tucked the open flaps to hold the comforter in the cover.

Works for me! For $26.00 she will get a new comforter cover - with pockets(!) - two fitted sheets to match, and a pillowcase to boot! Sure beats $99.00 for the cover alone. And next year when she decides to paint her room purple instead of lime green, I will not be upset when new comforter cover appears once again on her Christmas list.


JAM said...

This is awesome! And extra fitted sheets are always good - they seem to wear out faster than the top sheets anyway. Love the color scheme.

Condo Blues said...

Great job! I made a duvet cover for the comforter for my bed when we painted our bedroom. It's a very inexpensive and green way to use what you already have while giving it a little spiff up.

Green Bean said...

Dude, that is so skilled!! I've yet to break out my sewing machine. I keep meaning to but then get distracted with the next knitting project. You rock!


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