Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sending Hope to Copenhagen

From the bean of Green Bean.

The potentially monumental climate talks in Copenhagen are upcoming, and it's important to have a real person there to represent the interests of "regular" people who care about the environment.

Author, green blogger, fellow Green Moms Carnival member, and environmental activist Diane MacEachern is taking part in the Huffington Post's contest to send one citizen ambassador to Copenhagen, and I am happy to give her my personal endorsement.

If the name seems familiar, it is because Diane is the best-selling author of "Big Green Purse," a manual all of us should have on our shelves to refer to while navigating the often confusing world of green issues and green business. (Check out my review of her fabulous book here). As a mother, Diane is particularly commited to the health of children, and she is a tireless activist and fantastic writer. Her interest in climate change comes from a deep sense of compassion and commitment to social justice. It would be wonderful to have one of our own representing the interests of real people amongst the politicians and "experts" meeting this month to determine the fate of our planet.

But don't take my word for Diane's credientials. Read more about her at her web site, Big Green Purse, or her blog by the same name, or read Beth's interview of her at Fake Plastic Fish: "Personal Changes Do Make a Difference."

To vote for Diane, click here (Huffington Post). You will need to login to the Huffington Post web site or register if you are not already a member. You can also login using your Twitter or Facebook account. Please rate Diane's entry with 10 stars.

FACEBOOK? If you have a Facebook page or fan page, it would be great if you could mention the contest and provide the link so your friends can vote as well.

TWITTER? If you're on twitter, we'd appreciate it if you tweet about the contest using #votehope and @huffpostgreen.

Voting ends tomorrow!!,December 4, so Diane needs as much support right now as possible. Please help us send this deserving green mom to Copenhagen - by voting now and spreading the word!

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kale for sale said...

I just want to add it only takes a minute to create a log in at the Huffington Post to be able to vote. And I was able to choose to having nothing sent to me! I hope she gets to go!


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