Sunday, December 20, 2009

Superhero Secrets: Things to do when the gifts have been opened.

My husband has been asking me every day for a week what I want for Christmas and I can't seem to come up with anything. Especially after Compacting for a few months, I have a hard time saying "I want..."

Even though there's nothing I need or really want, I know I'll still feel that slight let-down when all the gifts have been opened, just like I did as a kid. Not because I'm still wanting more, but because it's over. All the thought and time that went into choosing -- or making -- just the right gift has been appreciated. The surprises are gone.

This year we're planning to stretch out the breakfast making, gift opening, parade watching, lunch eating and anything else we can think of. We ordered a planning DVD from Disney, so we'll watch that and talk about our summer vacation too.

Here are some other things you might want to do on Christmas day...

Curl up under a blanket and watch Christmas movies
Bake cookies and deliver them to neighbors
Bake cookies and eat them
Visit a nursing home
Organize a neighborhood parade
Have the neighbors over for some (spiked) cider
Go to church
Take a walk
Drive around and look at lights after dark
Go see a movie
Play board games
Plan your annual vacation
Talk about your New Year's resolutions
Watch football
Go ice skating
Go skiing
Christmas karaoke
Christmas charades
Write thank-you notes

Santa's Net has Christmas games and activities for kids.

Apples 4 the Teacher has tons of craft ideas and coloring pages.

If you're a sucker for baby shower type games (bwahahahaha) then you'll love some of the ideas on Holiday Games UK. From "guess what Christmas Items are in the sock" to "don't be the last one wearing a Santa hat" the games are sure to add a little more excitement (that doesn't focus on gifts) to the day for your kids.

You'll find games, crafts, decorations, carols to sing and more at All Things Christmas.

And be sure to visit Christmas Passed on Facebook and/or to read about what hundreds of other people do as tradition in their families.


Green Bean said...

I love going on a walk with family after a big meal. A nice way to wind down, relax, get exercise and reconnect with . . . well everything.

This year, we're spending the afternoon by ourselves so that means we'll relax and play with the kids and the few toys they are getting. Merry Xmas.

2 Green Acres said...

My brother-in-law and his wife have a tradition of going for a bike ride on Christmas morning. They say it is great - quiet, no cars.

Of course, they live in San Diego so it is easy to do. I do like the idea of getting some exercise on Christmas, but the forecast calls for freezing rain, so our exercise will probably be indoors.


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