Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas is done, Boring Winter Months are here

A Little Wintertime Link Love from Jenn the Greenmom...

I love the World Wide Web. You can just follow a link to another link, and who knows where you might finally end up? Most of the time I stay in my own familiar little comfort circle of sites and blogs and stuff...but occasionally it's fun to just kind of head out into the great unknown...

For example, I just ran across a new site that sounds very up my--our--alley: Hip Moms Go Green, a brand-new site with some good early info--I look forward to seeing where they go with this! It's a little more commercial than I usually follow, but they've got some good stuff there.

And from there, I found a link to Meet The Greens, an interactive site dedicated to helping kids go green...again, this one looks sort of early in its development, but I'd love to see where this goes. And I got fairly hooked on one of their games, "Light it Right," which is apparently also available as an iphone app...this site seems to really want to go huge on marketing and stuff, with phone wallpapers and theme song and stuff, but I'm not holding that against them. And my kids will love the games.

Then there are the couple of sites I wished I'd seen before Christmas, especially this one: Non-Toxic Kids' "Who's REALLY Ruining Christmas?" Loved this!

Also in the "Why didn't I read this in mid-December?" category: The Ultimate Non-Material Gift Guide (parts 1-6) compiles in one place a lot of really good ideas for thoughtful gifting that doesn't involve Buying More Stuff. In the meantime, the Green Guide for Kids is a blogsite I've officially added to my RSS feed so I can keep up with it; why didn't I know about this before?

And speaking of green blogs I don't know why I never knew about (okay, I do know, it's because I'm currently trying to follow about 30 and my Google Reader has about 428 unread articles, most of which are from I just discovered Sustainablog, whose top ten posts of 2009 include a few familiar topics but also include goat-raising, bees on cocaine, and a guy whose mission to live a zero-waste year without giving up chips and beer led him to his own mission and blog--it's heavy on video, which I seldom bother with, but he has some interesting topics here. love is all well and good, but seriously, setting aside an hour to just go crazy and wander aimlessly off around the web can be a huge amount of fun!


Green Bean said...

Great links. I've got to check out the video game one as my kids are just starting to get interested in computers and I'd like to steer them in a certain direction. ;-)

Jenn the Greenmom said...

That little game with the lights is cute--some of the others, not so much, though for really little kids they might be good.

Yeah, I hear you about the certain direction--we're very into lightsaber battles around here at the moment. Sigh.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

Man, I wish I was only following 30 blogs. People need to stop creating such great blogs that I feel I need to follow!


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