Saturday, January 16, 2010

Helping out by doing without

Going Green Mama takes a welcome break from three kids under age 5....

Are you up for a challenge?

You know you're tempted. Clean out your pantry or freezer. Give up something for 100 days. Turn down that thermostat. You name it, there's a fiscal or environmental challenge out there.

But what if it meant something more?

The last few days, I've started thinking about how I, as one small person, could make a difference in the earthquake relief in Haiti. The situation is as traumatic as it can get - massive loss of life, electrical and water systems failing...and this is just Thursday as I'm writing this.

So what if I - or we, for that matter - did something about it?

This month, my challenge to you is to take your challenge of choice and make it mean something. Do it for a week, a month, whatever it takes, but I'm asking you to take some or all of your savings and donate it to your organization of choice. Let's make all of this mean something. Today.


Jaydemia said...

I'll take your challenge =)

Wonder-ful said...

I know it's crazy foggy here (you can see the end of the block... drivable to those use to it) but just walking to and from work would save us so much. Driving the half mile ends up costing gas plus around $15-20 per day as I always bring home fast food when I drive to work.

If I work 5 days a week, 4 weeks with no day off... that's half my paycheck thrown away at the drive through (Holy Cow!). This challenge is a must for me!

Daisy said...

My challenge: I'm going to make orange marmalade and can it. I am. And when I've mastered that, I'll know I can make jam next summer when the berries are ripe.
Simple, but a true money-saver and locavore gain.


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