Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Please Welcome...

The Conscious Shopper happily welcomes two new bloggers to the Booth...

I like to think of the Green Phone Booth as one of those tents in
Harry Potter. From the outside, it looks like an ordinary tent, but push aside the front flap and you'll glimpse a wondrous and spacious (yet cozy) space. There's always room for one more in the Booth.

With that sentiment, I'm happy to welcome two new bloggers to the Green Phone Booth. The first you may be familiar with because she's been blogging about being a green mama since April '08 and also manages the APLS Carnival. The other you've already heard from many times here at the Booth, and we decided it was high time she was made official.

Please welcome...(insert drum roll here)


With a sippy cup in one hand and a spade in the other, Going Green Mama stands up for slower living and faster bedtimes. This working mom of two and wife of a college student wages a silent war against excess and the Green-Eyed Monster. It's not easy being green, but Going Green Mama, with her sidekicks Green Thumb and Little Bear, is paving a path towards a simpler life. (Learn more about her Alter Ego, or drop her a line.)


In her typical 24/7 life, Jenn is a musician and a mom, working two jobs plus whatever freelance gigs come up, schlepping the short people everywhere they need to go, and managing a disorganized but happy household...but on the eighth day of the week, and during those extra hours beyond the 24 we all normally get (you know, the ones every mom somehow learns to squeeze out of the day), she's the Green Mom of the Burbs, defying the minivan brigade, vaporizing take-out menus, and carrying on a happy and fulfilled life without ever going shoe shopping or visiting the inner aisles of the supermarket.

Her weapons: voracious reading habits, willingness to try new things even if she screws them up at first, and (when all else fails) giant mutant zucchinis from the garden. Backed by her loyal sidekicks Slow Cooker and Giant Freezer, she is a force for independence, freedom from peer pressure, homemade bread, eating well without guilt or excessive time expenditure, eliminating excess chemicals and plastic bags from her living space, and making being frugal (okay, cheap) a hip and cool thing to do. Her endlessly repeated motto: "Pay Attention!" Because if we all look around and take control of our own lives, worlds, diets, homes, and so forth, if we read and listen and question the implacable forces of the Status Quo (her chief nemesis), if we claim for ourselves the skills and awareness we could so easily just let our environments quietly dictate for us, we can change the world one minivan/dinner/shoe at a time. (Learn more about her
Alter Ego.)


greeen sheeep said...

Welcome ladies! I am thrilled to see two more capes sticking out of the booth. Rock on with your bad er, good selves!

Green Bean said...

Welcome ladies! So happy to have you here.

Jessica Nichols said...

How exciting! Welcome and I look forward to reading more awesome posts here. :)

Truffula said...

Welcome, welcome!


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