Sunday, January 31, 2010

Superhero Secrets for a New Year

From the bean of Green Bean.

Photo courtesy of Jess Nichols at Sweet Eventide

Long time readers may notice that I've not posted much recently. I suppose I've been going through a little something lately. It all came spilling out the other day when I met blogger bud, Ruchi (aka Arduous) for cupcakes. Hey, a girl's gotta eat! Anywho, Ruchi, great gal that she is ended up typing up all my woes in a nifty little post that anyone who's been on this green journey for a while should read: "Is Living Sustainably Unsustainable".

It kind of reminds me of a post Burbs put up here on the Booth a few months after retiring: "To Crazy and Back Again."

And just as I'm wondering whether anyone can live the "green life" forever, real life friend and regular Booth guest poster, Jess Nichols makes her own confession about falling off the eco-wagon.

Even though many of us greenies have backslid here and there, I still think we're headed in the right direction. Indeed, some argue that we are heading into the Century of Minimalism - one where "we'll all be learning to use less, reuse more, and find greater value in the things we have close at hand." Frankly, even this burnt out eco blogger thinks that sounds pretty good.

So good in fact, I might take up a few Zen Habits and make the Lazy Manifesto: Do Less. Then Do Even Less.

And, on that note, I'll do less right now by signing off. Happy Sunday.


The Mom said...

Don't beat yourself up. It's a journey, sometimes we get all worked up and bite off more than we can chew. We just need to slow down and add things to our list at a more sustainable pace. I'm certainly not as green as others, it took me quite a while to be able to do all the things that I now do. Over time, I'll accomplish all the things I want.

Karen Moser-Booth said...

It's good to hear from you, Green Bean. You once mentioned that part of what you loved about the Booth was how many different voices, methods and shades of green there were. Is that also something you can love about yourself?

Green Bean said...

Thanks ladies. I am not mad at myself and didn't mean to come across that way. I do wonder though, if this is the best I can do, and I consider myself a doer, what about the rest of the world?

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

GB - I've said it before and I'll say it again...that's why we need policy change as well as personal change. Individuals shouldn't have to carry the burden. Corporations and government need to meet us halfway.

Anonymous said...

Someone was asking me the other day why there aren't more minimalists online.

I've been thinking about it, and here's my answer: because they know better.

Seriously, time away is an incredible gift with which we should reward ourselves as often as possible. Enjoy your recharge, and don't feel anxious about it.

And thanks for linking my article about the Minimalist Century. There's a whole site based on that idea to come. when I'm ready to publish it, of course. ;-)

Melinda said...

I was wondering what you were up to!

I have been thinking about this a lot lately - thank you for bringing it up. You made me spill my beans: "Does Living Sustainably Have To Take More Time?" I went through a dry spell of writing recently, too. I think there are 2 parts that need to be balanced: blog vs life, and sustainability vs normalcy. The latter is what I wrote about today.

The first one is a tough one to answer and depends on your motivation. I came to blogging at first because I was learning and wanted to catalog my process. But later I realized I could inspire others with my writing.

And that is why I am making a renewed effort to write more again. Because this second phase of sustainable living, where you re-correct a bit after going off the deep end, is really important to acknowledge. And finding the balance is really difficult. So as I'm finding the balance, I am sharing that knowledge.

For a lot of green/eco bloggers, I think for them it was an exploration. And that exploration period does end at some point, so at that point there really isn't a reason to continue blogging.

So I do think it depends on why you write.

As an aside, I think it's really interesting how there were a whole group of us who more or less began writing at the same time, and went through our journeys more or less together. Now we have each seemed to find our balance a little differently. It's interesting to watch and be a part of.

Donna said...

It's good to hear from you, GB! I enjoyed Ruchi's post and didn't know she was talking about you. :) I wonder if you've really considered, instead of the things that are backslidden, how your life is radically different now than when you started down this greener path. I bet you've made far more changes for keeps than you've abandoned. Just a thought. I hope you'll keep writing when you feel like it -- I enjoy your posts.

Green Bean said...

Erin: You are so right!

Chris: My pleasure to link to your article. Interesting reading. :)

Melinda: What a great point you make. That we explore and then need to re-correct a bit. I do believe that is the stage I'm at right now. I still consider myself very green but I don't think I need to do it all myself. And, btw, I so agree re your last paragraph about many of us who starting blogging at the same time. Ruchi and I were just talking about that.

Donna: Thanks for the comment! Yes, it was me. :) You are right. I am still much greener than I was years ago and, in truth, I haven't backslid that much. I just have decided that I don't need to bake my own bread every day. But then, who does. Right? ;-)

Anonymous said...

it's good to hear your voice again GB. thank you for all the links in your post. good reading those.
i'm not a blogger but have been reading along and travelling along these years. recently i've been sliding back a little too. i think it's finding that "sweet spot" and also a craving for "doing less." a book i read recently has been very inspiring to me, one i'm still sorting through. it was very impactful in a subtle, quiet, gentle yet lasting way- you might enjoy it too. it's called Planetwalker by John Francis- 22 years of walking, 17 years of silence. our green book club is reading it this month and i look forward to hearing their reactions. warm thoughts have been sent your way even tho you were silent. writing or not i'm certain you're still creating ripples.

Kale for Sale said...

It is so good to hear from you and I loved the post Ruchi wrote. The two of you and all the commenters said so many things I've been feeling and thinking and hand't quite put to words. So many thanks. Maintaining the changes over the last couple of years of using less, eating seasonally and hissing at plastic is fairly second nature now but the blogging about it has become the piece I've not sustained so great. And it's okay.


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