Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grow local: My challenge to you this spring

Going Green Mama is wondering where she's actually going to plant all the seeds she scored...

Living the vida local has been the rage these days. Whether driven by the economy or just a desire to reach out and get to know where your things come from, supporting the local little guy has taken a heightened importance.

This spring, though, I give you a challenge. Don't just go local. Grow local.

Instead of buying tomato plants from the Home Depot, shop your local garden shop, farmers market or gardens gift shop. Even better, get local seeds.

I know what you're thinking: This girl has too much time on her hands. But visit your winter farmers market, contact a seed exchange or find a local seed producer, and you might find some produce that's tried and true in your not-so-perfect soil.

It's not nearly as hard as you might think. A few weeks ago, I was able to find rainbow chard, cucumber and tomato seeds at our winter market. A friend of mine shipped up some herb seeds from her local botanical gardens. And I recently learned of a local company that's now selling heirloom tomato seeds that have been grown in our state for seven decades.

And the best part? This fall, save a few seeds back from your plants, and you'll have saved yourself the hunt next spring.


Daisy said...

Hmmm... the winter market. That's a possibility. There's also a greenhouse a small distance from home that will have tomato plants and more. If I buy my seeds there...
But here's the rub: my daughter works at Home Depot's garden center in the summer. By buying there, I support her. Oh, the decisions!

Anonymous said...

I have already bought my seeds for this year!! I will say tho that I hope to save the seeds from this year's crop & re-use for the following year. I have done this for the past 2 years with great success. This year's big purchase was because I am exploring more gardeining options for my area, encouraged by a book I read.!

Robbie said...

Daisy, nothing says you can't support both. Buy what varieties you can't find at the market but enjoy the options from the locals!

Anon., I started seed saving last year, and at least in my limited experience it was easy. Trying for smaller, trickier ones next year!


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