Sunday, February 21, 2010

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Call it the winter blues, but I'm feeling very "blah" these days - dry skin, dull hair, my clothes are a little (okay, a LOT) snug, and I'm just feeling like one of the moms they put on What Not to Wear (minus the mom jeans).

Earlier this winter I got my long hair cut about shoulder-length. It was a cute cut, not quite right for me, but made me feel a little younger. I've since cut it again in a style that's slightly less trendy, but works better for my hair and face. I've also been thinking about coloring it so that it's closer to the blond shade it was when I was younger. The way I'm going now, I'm going to have to change my color from blond to brown on my driver's license - when did this happen!? has many "natural" hair dyes for sale, but I was more interested in the list of (really) natural ingredients -- like cinnamon, lemon juice, and chamomile tea -- from Nature Moms. I'll definitely be trying the tips for blond hair. Since I've never colored my hair before {GASP!} I feel a bit safer trying something like that first.

By this time in the winter season, my skin is begging for moisture. A few weeks ago I looked at my hands and had to laugh. I had two band-aids on my left hand and three on my right. They just crack open, no matter how much hand lotion I use. Pioneer Thinking has a great (very simple) recipe for a hand exfoliant that leaves my hands feeling so smooth and moisturized. I use Safflower oil and organic turbinado sugar.

Natural Living for Women also has a huge list of ingredients that can be used for exfoliants as well as recipes and tips for how to use them.

We know that good food keeps our bodies and minds healthy, but we don't often think about how it keeps our skin looking nice too. Holly at Nourishing Wisdom had a great blog post this week on winter skin care and how you can keep your skin glowing using items from your kitchen. (I love a girl who suggests more butter in my diet!)

Do you have any winter beauty tips, tricks or recipes you'd like to share? If so, please leave us a comment below!


Amanda said...

Have you tried using honey as a face mask? I love doing that year-round, but it's especially good in the winter since it's moisturizing but and gently exfoliating!

suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter said...

jojoba oil is a nice moisturizer, and i've used oatmeal as a face mask. when you rinse it off, it exfoiliates and leaves your skin smooth.

natural (but not kitchen-y!): emu oil is great on my little one's eczema.

and lanolin is the best lip balm!

concretenprimroses said...

My blonde hair mysteriously turned brownish in my mid to late 30s. I think part of it, in my case, is getting so much less sun - less time outside and wearing a hat to protect skin. Last summer I got a lot more sun for some reason and it got quite a bit lighter.
I've always wondered about thelemon juice method but never tried it. If you do be sure to post about it!

panamamama said...

Cassia obovata is great if you have blonde hair. (Mine is a little too brown for it so I have to do henna + some other goodies.) I got it at
I like cinnamon-sugar with olive oil as an exfoliant. Makes you smell like a cookie (and who doesn't love cookies!!)

Country Girl in the City said...

I suddenly feel much better. I too am a blond who's hair suddenly seems to be getting darker. I first noticed it last winter when along about the first of February I didn't look like my roots were showing (my hair gets bleached by the summer sun). I thought I was seeing things, but I'm noticing the same thing is happening this winter. I hope the sunshine returns soon; I like my light blond highlights.

Condo Blues said...

I have very dry skin too - so dry it hurts in winter. We just got a humidifier to help add moisture to the air and literally save our skin!


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